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NFL Sleeper Cell Week 6 Results: Send In McCowns

Week 6 gave us a lot to talk about. Let’s unpack this past weekend’s events. Jake reclaims the top spot and some a few new challengers from the bottom of the standings move towards the top of the leaderboard. 

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NFL Sleeper Cell Week 6 Results: Send In McCowns

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10. Charlie Forray – 29.61

9.  Andrew Wilhelm – 36.19

8. Joanna Krupnick – 77.61

7. Meg Schneider – 78.51

6. Andrew O’Neill – 83.87

5. Ryan Kelly  – 102.16

4. Kevin Morin – 111.55

3. Justin Colombo  – 167.79

2. Jake Bridges – 181.1

1. Ned Donovan – 202.58


Each week our writers will make one sleeper pick each, in the hopes of that guy pulling through and exploding for a big week. We’ll note reasons why we like that player over another so on and what not. Each writer will accrue points every week from their pick, but there’s a catch.

Since it’s about sleepers, we’re going to take the DraftKings ownership percentage and subtract that amount of points. For example, if you select Drew Brees as your pick and he scored 50 points, but his ownership is at 50%, you’ll only score 25. If your Running Back, Wide Reciever, Tight End, or Defense’s ownership is under 5%, your points will multiply, 5% is multiplied by 1.5, 4% by 2, 3% by 3, 2% by 4, 1% by 5, and less than 1% by 6. For Quarterbacks, the multipliers are halved, 4% by 1.25, 3% by 1.5, 2% by 2, 1% by 2.5, and less than 1% by 3.

At the end of the season, the top 2 writers with the most points will split a $100 prize pool $75/$25.


9. Joanna Krupnick – 77.61

Shane Vereen – RB, New York Giants

0.4 Points – 0.9% Ownership


In the Russian Roulette of picking a Giants running back, Shane Vereen was a slow, painful bullet to your Sunday lineup.

8. Kevin Morin – 111.55

David Njoku – TE, Cleveland Browns

2.0 Points – 2.8% Ownership


The choice to go with Kevin Hogan for their game against the Houston Texans drew a lot of interest on the DFS boards this week. Kevin, being the smart guy that he is, gambled on that and unfortunately lost, but so did everyone who tried to hit paydirt with Cleveland. The Browns continue to be Boom or Bust in DFS and I don’t expect that trend to stop anytime soon.

7. Ned Donovan – 202.58

Tavarres King – WR, New York Giants

1.7 Points – 0.3% Ownership


There were a lot of surprises coming out of Sunday Night’s matchup between the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos. Al Michaels making light of Sexual Harrassment, Trevor Semian’s inability to find receivers and the emergence of Evan Engram and Orleans Darkwa. The use of the latter was a real detriment to King’s value as a sleeper, but I don’t hate this pick. If Manning continues to utilize his new receiving corps, it’s only a matter of time until Tavarres King goes off for a big day.

6. Charlie Forray – 29.61

Alvin Kamara – RB, New Orleans Saints

12.7 Points – 22% Ownership

11.18 POINTS

Alvin Kamara has been a big-time player for the New Orleans Saints in the first few weeks of the season. So much so, that when the Saints shipped Adrian Peterson off to Arizona, most fantasty experts called for Kamara to have a big day. Instead of Kamara’s Big Day, we got Mark Ingram’s revenge as he accrued 150 yards, 114 on the ground. Kamara’s 75 rushing yards are definition nothing to scoff at, but when going with a Saints back, the surprise of the week was Ingram.

5. Andrew Wilhelm – 36.19

Mitch Trubisky – QB, Chicago Bears

10.72 Points – 0.1% Ownership

32.16 POINTS

The Bears scored 3 touchdowns on Sunday, 2 of them coming on passes, 1 of those coming from Rookie QB Mitch Trubisky. While 10.72 looks like a rough day for Chicago, the tide seems to be turning in the Windy City. Is Trubisky the second coming? It’s too learly to say, but he didn’t die and he’s not Mike Glenonn, so the prognosis is good!

4.  Justin Colombo  – 167.79

Hunter Henry – TE, Los Angeles Chargers

14 Points – 3.7% Ownership


90 yards for Hunter Henry. DID YOU SEE THE KID ON SUNDAY!? Hunter Henry set his season-high for yardage, while seeing fewer targets and snaps than he did the week before. HH is a solid week to week option.

3. Andrew O’Neill – 83.87

Josh Doctson – WR, Washington Redskins

8.1 Points – 0.6% Ownership


Doctson had one reception for 11 yards and a touchdown and that was it. That was all he needed. Not terrible, not incredible, just decent.

2. Meg Schneider – 78.51 & Jake Bridges – 181.1

Josh McCown – QB, New York Jets

25.26 Points – 1.4% Ownership

63.15 POINTS

I am absolutely shocked that McCown was not over 10% ownership. SHOCKED. The second Gillmore was ruled out of the game it should have been all hands on deck for McCown. The Patriots Defense is a mess, as evidenced by the 6 Jets players with 40+ receiving yards on Sunday. The Patriots did a great job in containing the Jets run offense, but failed in every way to stifle McCowns aerial attack. McCown was the best value play at QB and 1.4% of owners hit it big because of that.

1. Ryan Kelly  – 102.16

Dion Lewis – RB, New England Patriots

11.2 Points – 0.3% Ownership


Dion Lewis was my favorite pick of the week. Going into Sunday with a Patriots back is always going to be a crapshoot, but when you guess right, it’s so worth it. Against the Jets, Lewis had his second consecutive game with 50+ rushing yards. While that might seem like nothing to write home about, you have to consider the lackluster Patriots O-Line and Lewis’ running style. On a lot of his carries Lewis was one move away from busting a big run. In fact, every time he hits a hole it seems like he’s going to run for 20 yards. The Jets were able to stop Lewis a move early, thus holding him to 53 yard on 11 carries. He’s not going to be a C.J. Anderson or Jonathan Stewart type back, but he’s got a dangerous agility that’s hard to dislike.




10. Charlie Forray – 40.79

9.  Andrew Wilhelm – 68.35

8. Joanna Krupnick – 80.01

7. Kevin Morin – 119.55

6. Andrew O’Neill – 132.47

5. Meg Schneider – 141.66

4. Ryan Kelly  – 169.36

3. Justin Colombo  – 209.79

2. Ned Donovan – 210.78

1. Jake Bridges – 244.25


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