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The NFL Sleeper Cell: Week 2 Results – BUCK WILD!

How did or Week 2 picks do? Well take a look! The answer is BUCK WILD!

NFL Field by Erin Costa is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The NFL Sleeper Cell: Week 2 Results – BUCK WILD!

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Each week our writers will make one sleeper pick each, in the hopes of that guy pulling through and exploding for a big week. We’ll note reasons why we like that player over another so on and what not. Each writer will accrue points every week from their pick, but there’s a catch.

Since it’s about sleepers, we’re going to take the DraftKings ownership percentage and subtract that amount of points. For example, if you select Drew Brees as your pick and he scored 50 points, but his ownership is at 50%, you’ll only score 25. If your Running Back, Wide Reciever, Tight End, or Defense’s ownership is under 5%, your points will multiply 5% is multiplied by 1.5, 4% by 2, 3% by 3, 2% by 4, 1% by 5, and less than 1% by 6. For Quarterbacks, the multipliers are halved, 4% by 1.25, 3% by 1.5, 2% by 2, 1% by 2.5, and less than 1% by 3. At the end of the season, the top 2 writers with the most points will split a $100 prize pool $75/$25.


9. Ryan Kelly – 0 POINTS

8. Charlie Forray – 9.10 POINTS

7. Joanna Krupnick – 9.79 POINTS

6. Ned Donovan – 10.44 POINTS

5. Andrew Wilhelm – 10.78 POINTS

4. Justin Colombo – 16.8 POINTS

3. Meg Schneider – 17.11 POINTS

2. Andrew O’Neill – 27 POINTS

1. Jake Bridges – 48.1 POINTS



Kevin Morin

Javorius “Buck” Allen, RB – Baltimore Ravens

21.15 Points – 3.8% Ownership


WIth Danny Woodhead out this past week, Buck Allen stepped into the spotlight and made the most of it. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement. Buck Allen went off. Buck Allen had a day. The absence of Woodhead paved the way for Allen to get 14 carries which he took for 66 rushing yards, but it was downfield that he really became a fantasy game-changer. 5 catches for 35 yards doesn’t seem like much, but that’s good enough for 2nd-most on the Ravens behind Benjamin Watson, the Tight End. Compound that with a touchdown reception and Buck has spread himself across the Ravens offense and exploited the struggling Cleveland Defense. A solid day for Buck Allen and a solid pick from Kevin.

Ryan Kelly

Blake Bortles, QB – Jacksonville Jaguars

12.38 Points – 0.7% Ownership

38.49 POINTS

Bortles had a difficult week throwing 223 yards, 1 Touchdown and 2 interceptions against a Tennesee Titans Defense that is ranked 23rd in the NFL. Those numbers are not great against a secondary that isn’t very good. Bortles underperformed, plain and simple. However, the upside of Bortles going into this game at 0.7% ownership is staggering. Seriously. If Bortles had managed to not throw those picks and toss another touchdown or two, he’s a fantasy game-changer. If you put him and Buck Allen on the same team and Bortles had gone off? Call an accountant, because you’d be rich.

Joanna Krupnick

Charles Sims, RB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1.9 Points – 0.1% Ownership


Sometimes loyalty gets you a lot of points, but sometimes you take Charles Sims and he gets 2 touches, two receptions, and fumbles. Not great. BUT LOOK AT THAT OWNERSHIP. SWEET JESUS.

Andrew Wilhelm

Jamies Winston, QB – Tampa Bay Bucaneers

12.46 Points – 10.0% Ownership

11.21 POINTS

I’m not gonna lie, Winston looked really good on Sunday. Honestly, 11.21 points seems shockingly low for how well he played, especially taking a look at the other QBs this week, but that’s how the cookie crumbles. The important thing here is looking at what would have happened were DeSean Jackson have been able to catch half of the balls thrown his way. Winston looked to Jackson twice in the first half on two deep balls in the end zone. There was so much talk this offseason about whether or not DeSean Jackson was a viable option downfield this season, and think we can now say for sure that he is. Oh boy, I can’t wait to exploit this relationship in the future. If Winston hits Jackson on both those targets, Winston adds two more TDs and another 60 yards, he’s got himself a strong outing.

Justin Colombo

James White, RB – New England Patriots

17.6 Points – 8.6% Ownership

16.09 POINTS

Tom Brady came to play last Sunday. The GOAT was ready after to destroy after a humiliating defeat in Week 1. I knew Brady wouldn’t take that loss lightly, but going 30-39 for 443 yards and 3 TDs? I mean, I love Tom, but SWEET. JESUS. WOW. Of those 443 yards, 85 yards came from connecting with James White. In a game where Brandin Cooks and Chirs Hogan were thought to be the primary targets for Brady, it was actually White who emerged as the top target for the TB12.

So, I’m not trying to brag… BUT I CALLED IT! I CALLED IT AND NO ONE LISTENED EXCEPT FOR THE 8.6% OF PEOPLE WHO ALSO CALLED IT! BOOM! The only thing that was missing from White’s nasty Sunday performance was more touches behind the line, but when you have Mike Gillislee as your primary back, touches are going to be a tough thing to come by. I got lucky that New Orleans is garbage against pass

Ned Donovan

Carson Palmer, QB – Arizona Cardinals

19.8 Points – 4.8% Ownership

24.75 POINTS

On trend with the underperforming quarterbacks is Carson Palmer. Carson Palmer faced off against an Indianapolis Defense that allowed Jared Goff to throw for 306 yards in Week 1. I can hear you screaming already. Palmer has 336 yards passing, and J.J. Nelson went off for 120 yards on 5 receptions. HOWEVER, the Cardinals offense and their inability to get across the goal line was the reason the Colts held on for so long, eventually bringing the game into overtime. One touchdown from Carson Palmer? No way. Not good, especially on days when he’s tossing over 300+ yards. I’m gonna need him to tighten up or figure it out.

Andrew O’Neill

Brandin Cooks, WR – New England Patriots

6.3 Points – 14.9% Ownership


There were a lot of Cooks in the kitchen this past week. With almost 15% ownership on Draftkings, Cooks almost becomes a “Damned if you didn’t” Pick. What do I mean by that? Consider this. If a lot of people, and I mean a lot of people (40+%) pick Brandin Cooks and he gets 30 Points, everyone who doesn’t have Cooks is going to be in a 30 point hole they’ll never get out of. Continuing further, those guys on your squad without Cooks probably also exist on teams with Cooks, so you’re screwed. Make sense? When a guy has high ownership and goes off, everyone with that player is playing in a higher league. Cooks wasn’t that. He was the opposite. When a lot of people take a player who busts, it means you can rejoice, because a lot of people are taking home ZEROS.

Jake Bridges

Joe Flacco, QB – Baltimore Ravens

15.5 Points – 1.5% Ownership

38.75 POINTS

Is Joe Flacco an Elite Quarterback? The world may never know. However, the world did see an adequate performance from Flacco against the Cleveland Browns. The main takeaway here is that the Ravens are going to use all of their weapons, and Flacco being at the center of that means he’ll be in a strong position to score some big points in the future. The shocking thing here is how low his ownership is. While I get that the Browns secondary seems tough, and Flacco only threw for 121 yards in Week 1, but there’s so much upside to stacking two guys with low ownership against a team they can exploit. That’s what this game was. It was an opportunity to exploit a looked over QB and one of his weapons. Did you miss it? Odds are that you did.



10. Charlie Forray – 9.1

9. Meg Schneider – 17.11

8. Joanna Krupnick – 21.19

7. Andrew Wilhelm – 21.99

6. Andrew O’Neill – 32.36

5. Justin Colombo – 33

4. Ryan Kelly – 38.46

3. Ned Donovan – 40.26

2. Kevin Morin – 63.3

1. Jake Bridges – 87.35

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