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2022 NY Giants Mock Draft – 2.0

The results of my NY Giants Mock Draft 2.0 are in!

Giants by Nic Taylor is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

2022 NY Giants Mock Draft – 2.0

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A couple of weeks have passed since we published my first mock draft piece for the NY Giants. When it first went live on the site, one of my dearest friends almost immediately texted me saying “Kayvon is not getting to the Giants at 5”. Well, at the time the PFF Simulator had him on the board, and so I jumped at the chance to add the highly touted EDGE rusher to my team. Of course, that was then and this is now.

My strategy for this version of the draft hasn’t changed much. I am still heavily invested in making moves to keep our quarterback upright (whether it’s Daniel Jones or Tyrod Taylor). Additionally, they still need to improve at getting to the opposing team’s quarterback. I decided not to get crazy by trying to incorporate trades, though I’ve been reading about some theories that may have Big Blue trading out of the #7 slot with a potential eye to the future. Perhaps I’ll dive into that more in a 3.0 version. For now though, here’s how my second time through the process played out. All player profiles from this mock are courtesy of or Enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts – comment here or tweet at me: @JDanbusky – let’s go Giants!

Round 1, Pick #5 – Ikem Ekwonu, T (North Carolina State)

As I’ve said repeatedly, I would love it if our QB had some time in the pocket to find his skill players, thereby allowing more diversity on offense and flexibility in play calling. The raw talent Ekwonu brings to the table is exciting. He’s earned high marks from most scouts, and even the “room to improve” areas are all met with the expectation that he will indeed only get better. Sign me up!

Ikem Ekwonu Player Profile

Round 1, Pick #7 – George Karlaftis, EDGE (Purdue)

There are a ton of ways the first two picks could go for the Giants. They could double up on offensive linemen, or they could try to address needs in the secondary. Of course, the pass rush is a big concern as well, and adding Karlaftis would go a long way toward addressing that need. He earns high marks for his tireless pursuit, never giving up on a play. He’s only played 2 years at Purdue, so there’s certainly a learning curve that will be there, but I’m all about adding a hustle guy who’s adaptable and ready to grow.

George Karlaftis Player Profile

Round 2, Pick #36 – Leo Chenal, LB (Wisconsin)

Disrupting the opposing QB is a priority on defense. Chenal gets higher marks in blitzing and pass rush than he does in coverage. He’s been referred to as a cinder block and can prove difficult to move if you find yourself having to stop him or get him out of the way to open a gap for a running back. There’s room for improvement in pass defense, but he’s got leadership qualities and a passion for the game that are enticing to be sure.

Leo Chenal Player Profile

Round 3, Pick #67 – Kingsley Enagbare, EDGE (South Carolina)

Another option to try and help bolster the pass rush. Throughout his college career, he showed a steady trajectory of improvement, which will need to continue in the NFL. He could potentially be deployed in numerous different ways, which could offer options to the Giants if they add him to their roster.

Kingsley Enagbare Player Profile

Round 3, Pick #81 – Kerby Joseph, S (Illinois)

Noticing a theme yet? Joseph is yet another “work in progress”, having made big strides in the 2021 season but still not having much of an overall body of work. With a new GM and head coach in town, building a solid foundation and culture in the locker room will be a big component of getting the Giants back to the playoffs. He’s a project to be sure, but the upside is there if his 2021 season is any indication.

Kerby Joseph Player Profile

Round 4, Pick #112 – Dohnovan West, C (Arizona State)

The most intriguing part of West’s game is his flexibility. He has experience at center, as well as both guard positions. While he may not be the most overpowering in any single respect, he earns solid marks overall in most areas. That ability to adapt and still perform well could serve both him and the Giants well.

Dohnovan West Player Profile

Round 5, Pick #147 – Neil Farrell, Jr., IDL (LSU)

If the Giants want a guy who can disrupt the run game, Farrell is a solid candidate. He didn’t have a great showing at the combine, which won’t help his cause, but like many of the other guys on this list, there’s room to grow.

Neil Farrell, Jr. Player Profile

Round 5, Pick #173 – Jelani Woods, TE (Virginia)

There is a gaping hole at tight end and it needs to be addressed. Woods is a relative neophyte at the position, having begun his career as a quarterback at Oklahoma State. He had a breakout season in 2021 after transferring to Virginia, and if the Giants can bring in a veteran stopgap, Woods has the potential to continue developing into a solid option for the club.

Jelani Woods Player Profile

Round 6, Pick #182 – Cam Jurgens, C (Nebraska)

There is still some uncertainty about the return of Nick Gates so you can put this pick into the “you can never have too much” category. Why not take a flyer in the late rounds?

Cam Jurgens Player Profile

Until Next Time

Well – there you have it. The overall feel of this crop of picks seems to be one of “room to improve”. The Giants as a whole definitely fall into that category. The question will be how quickly they can turn things around. Given the success that GM Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll had in Buffalo, I’m confident they’ll have the team on the right path sooner rather than later. Draft Day can’t come soon enough!

Joe is an actor who grew up eating, living and breathing sports. He spent many an afternoon on the soccer or baseball field in his youth (and even gave several other sports a shot) before a series of events put him on the path to pursuing a performing career. Subsequently, he's worked almost every other type of job you could imagine while trying to support that endeavor. Whenever he's not working any of those jobs, he can often be found watching, playing or discussing sports in some way. Most of that banter revolves around the Mets, Giants, Rangers or Manchester United. His short term goal is to fully convert his fiance into a rabid sports fan, not someone who leaves the room whenever he turns a game on.

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