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2022 Patriots Mock Draft – Version 3.0

After our first two mocks, it’s time to see what the Patriots are likely to do in the draft this week. Third time’s a charm.

Gillette Stadium by Diane Horvath is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

2022 Patriots Mock Draft – Version 3.0

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The 2021 NFL Draft was a vital event in a post-Tom Brady world for the New England Patriots. The team selected their quarterback of the future in Mac Jones with the 15th overall pick. After Jones’ rookie performance it looks like New England is set at the most important position in sports for the foreseeable future.

The Patriots undoubtedly will look to capitalize on the advantage of having a high performing quarterback on his rookie salary for the next three seasons. This should allow them to splurge in free agency or trade acquisitions as they look to fill the roster around Mac.

To fully reach this team’s potential though, they have to keep hitting on draft picks. It’s well-known the Patriots’ draft results from 2017-2020 were underwhelming. They hit big time in 2021 on Jones, but also defensive lineman Christian Barmore and running back Rhamondre Stevenson look to be key players for seasons to come.

The 2022 Draft needs to be just as successful, or better, for Bill Belichick and the Patriots to return to the first class of the NFL.

With this draft being so essential to the team’s long-term plans we will be doing a series of Mock Drafts leading up to when the picks count for real on April 28th.

Mock Draft 1.0 saw the Pats going LB in the first.

Mock Draft 2.0 saw the Pats getting trade crazy.

These mock drafts will be done using Pro Football Mock Draft Simulator, and players will be selected where they are available regardless of where they might be going in other sites’ mocks.


Patriots trade #21 (1st) & #85 (3rd) to the Cardinals for #23 (1st) & #55 (2nd)

Just a no brainer to begin the draft here. Sure, I’ll move down 2 spots to move up 30 into the next round. The Cardinals moved up here to take Boston College Guard Zion Johnson.

First Round, Pick #23 = Daxton Hill / DB / Michigan

He keeps getting mocked to the Pats so I had to give in. I don’t like how recent picks from Michigan’s defense (Chase Winovich, Josh Uche) barely got on the field for Belichick. I do like how Hill seems to be a clear cut heir apparent to Devin McCourty as the leader of the Pats’ secondary. And when the Patriots are drafting at their best it typically involves picking a player a year before he’s truly needed.

Daxton Hill Scouting Report

Second Round, Pick #54 = John Metchie III / WR / Alabama

The Bengals and Dolphins had great success last season drafted WR who had played with their young franchise quarterbacks in college. Those picks came in the top 10, but the Patriots getting Metchie here could still pay off big time. Especially when you consider the role WR like Metchie play in New England’s offensive scheme.

John Metchie III Scouting Report


Patriots trade #55 (2nd) & #183 (6th) to the 49ers for #61 (2nd) & #93 (3rd)

Another slight move down for a massive move up. This draft is said to be strongest in rounds 2-4, so let’s load up there. Unfortunately, San Francisco traded up to select Wisconsin LB Leo Chenal, our top pick in the last Patriots mock.

Second Round, Pick #61 = Chad Muma / LB / Wyoming

Muma is a perfectly fine consolation to missing out on Chenal, and might even be the better fit. Muma is lighter than former Patriot Dont’a Hightower, but he’s still bigger than many of the new wave of middle linebackers weighing in at 225. Reading the scouting report below you’ll see key words like “heavy hitter”, “block shedder” and “leader”. Sign us up.

Chad Muma Scouting Report

Third Round, Pick #93 = Kellen Diesch / OT / Arizona State

This team needs offensive linemen. Left Tackle Isiah Wynn only has one year left under contract, and isn’t even all that good. Diesch could be the 2nd prospect in this draft taken to help in 2022, but to fill a larger hole in 2023.

Kellen Diesch Scouting Report


Patriots trade #127 (4th) & #210 (6th) to the Bengals for #136 (4th) & #174 (5th)

It’s been said the Patriots don’t like going too far in between picks. This solves that.

Fourth Round, Pick #136 = Neil Farrell Jr. / DL / LSU

The lone player who was also selected in the last mock. Farrell looks to fill a hole on the Pats defense that hasn’t been filled since Danny Shelton left.

Neil Farrell Jr. Scouting Report

Fifth Round, Pick #158 = Tyler Allgeier / RB / BYU

New England has one of the best two-headed rushing attacks in the league with Damian Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson. Harris will be a free agent after this season though, and the Patriots need to fill in all the snaps leftover from Brandon Bolden’s departure. Allgeier is also said to be a solid receiver and pass protector.

Tyler Allgeier Scouting Report

Fifth Round, Pick #174 = Isaiah Thomas / EDGE / Oklahoma

At first, I just liked the name. But Thomas has the size New England looks for in an edge-setting player. There’s concern on how he’ll stack up vs. the run to begin his career, but this is also the fifth round. He’s an intriguing prospect at this point.

Isaiah Thomas Scouting Report

Sixth Round, Pick #200 = Matt Araiza / P / San Diego State

A left-footed punter who looks to have “best in the league” potential. A current punter making over $2 million against the cap.

Seems like a perfect match of opportunity and circumstance for New England.

Matt Araiza Scouting Report

Seventh Round, Pick #245 = Marquan McCall / DL / Kentucky

You can’t teach size. McCall is nearly 380lbs as a nose tackle and played in the SEC. This late in the draft it’s difficult to find better potential.

Marquan McCall Scouting Report

Terry is from Massachusetts and is a passionate fan of the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins. He also will admit he only pays attention to Syracuse basketball when they're good. If there's a Twitter trade rumor even remotely associated with one of his teams, he's likely fallen for it. Finally, he believes 100% that if the Celtics had beaten the Heat in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals they would have swept the Thunder in the Finals.

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