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5 players who could become a draft day trade

Taking a look at 5 players who might be traded before, during or after the 2019 NFL draft. Why they would, and who they could be traded to.

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5 players who could become a draft day trade

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So every year there happen to be a few players who may fall victim becoming a key piece to a draft day trade. Some teams often offer up players to move up in position during the draft. It’s a fun thing for us spectators to watch and speculate but for those who have to live through the draft knowing they could move. Well, that sounds at the very least nerve racking. Often times it’s not much of a secret when a player is on the trade blocks, sometimes its a surprise. Good chance none of these happen but if it did these would be my top players to keep an eye on during the 2019 NFL Draft.

LeSean McCoy – RB – Buffalo Bills

McCoy enters the final year of his contract that is about 6.5 million. I think McCoy wanted more out of his time in Buffalo. The feeling might be mutual after McCoy averaged only 3.2 yards per carry in 14 games last season. General manager Brandon Beane said McCoy will be back next season, but it remains to be seen if he will keep his word. Besides what is the word of an NFL GM these days. I believe McCoy would be rejuvenated in a fresh start. Especially in Philly.

Potential Suitors: Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Bucs, Kansas City Chiefs

Derek‌ Carr – QB – Oakland Raiders

Because Jon Gruden is an evil mind who has a 10 year plan with a 10 year contract and Carr is not part of that vision. Plus, Gruden looovvees Kyler Murray. If Murray slides past number one look for Gruden and his nonexistent draft committee to take Murray and to boot Carr. After kicking his scouts out of the draft process because he can trust “no one”, look for Chucky to spice up the draft. Some people like Carr enough to trade for him. Just maybe not Oakland.

Potential Suitors: New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Denver Broncos

Telvin Smith – LB – Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars often come up as potentially trading weak-side linebacker Telvin Smith, who looks to be at odds with the team’s front office. With no communication, Telvin has been skipping voluntary workouts. Jags front office made it clear how they feel leadership should be reflected, stating so at the State of the Franchise held on April 18th. Though Coughlin was warned by the NFL for his public pressure on both Jalen Ramsey and Telvin Smith, the message was still clear. The move could help make room in cap also. With big contracts to Yannick Ngakoue, Myles Jack and Jalen Ramsey on the horizon. With Telvin’s 10 million a year for the next 3 years and his not showing up at voluntary work may make the Jags more open to think trade.

Potential Suitors: Los Angeles Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns

Josh Rosen – QB – Arizona Cardinals

What do you do with a sophomore first round Quarterback and a Rookie number one overall Quarterback? I have a hunch that Arizona will not even pick Kyler Murray but if/when they do decide to take Murray look for Rosen to be on the move, expeditiously.

Potential Suitors: New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Denver Broncos

Jadaveon Clowney – Edge – Houston Texans

Rumors are that the Texans are looking to trade up in the first round. They have the 23rd pick moving up would be an option if they want to have an impact starter. Plenty of depth at the Edge Rush for the Texans they can easily move the Franchise Tag beneficiary. The Texans also need to protect Desuan Watson… today. This trade has less to do with the player that Clowney is and more to do with team needs.

Potential Suitors: Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills and New York Giants

Baltimore made me. Duval raised me. New York saved me. I'm a Jags fan for life and don't ever disrespect it. I'm Duval Til' We Die #DTWD. Florida Gators over everybody. Dodgers to win it all. Since moving to NYC I have become a Brooklyn Nets fan and am still trying to pick a hockey team. Those are my main rooting interest. I'm the head NFL Writer for the Turf. You can also catch me on Amplified Network where I co-host a podcast called "60 minute suspension" highlighting all off field activity covering all sports. I'm also a very big hip hop fan. You may find some rhymes from my favorite songs in my writing.

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