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5 Players who could slide in the NFL Draft

Players in this NFL Draft who may slide out of their normal project draft position. See why teams could be nervous about drafting these players.

NFL Draft Chicago 2016 by swimfinfan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

5 Players who could slide in the NFL Draft

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The NFL draft is just hours away pretty much and many people are nervous. Not only are the fans eager to see who they will be drafting but the players who are being selected are also anxious. Today we will look at some players who have been projected first round picks and why they may slide out of their projected position.

#1. Jonah Williams – OT – Alabama

Williams is the one true wildcard in this draft. I can’t seem to pick up a consistent vibe on Jonah Williams. Some mocks see him going top 10 some mocks have him sliding in the 20’s. Projections either love him or are “eh” on him. The funny Part is this has been one of the more consistent lineman in this draft.

#2. Kyler Murray – QB – Oklahoma‌

Since declaring football and the NFL Draft as his main focus, Kyler Murray has consistently been the number 1 pick. There are a few tricky factors that come with Murray and the number one pick. The first is the fact that the Cardinals have chosen a QB early in last years draft and are they willing to part ways with Josh Rosen and start new. Do they have a trade partner for Josh Rosen or are they planning on throwing away last years selection, for the time being?

One more thing is Kyler’s measurements, though becoming a thing of the past, are not the same as typical NFL caliber QB. If he slips past the Cardinals and Raiders. It could be a long slide. However, any slide from the number one over all pick is a big slide.

#3. DK Metcalf – WR – Ole Miss

Metcalf is the guy everybody wants but for some reason no one is willing to bet on. He is a physical freak. He runs fast, jumps high and is strong as an ox. Many are worried about 3 things; injury, hands, and route running. Throughout his time at Ole Miss DK has been often injured or at least unavailable. DK can out run you and out jump you but he has to learn to cleanly secure the football. Trying to catch the ball twice in one jump is not always gonna work in the NFL. Metcalf can get separation on longer more narrow routes but he hastrouble mastering the route tree. Whatever team drafts him needs a good WR coach. He’ll slide but most likely stay in the first round.

#4 Daniel Jones – QB – Duke‌

One of the major bright spots for Daniel Jones is that he is coached by the Great David Cutcliffe. Coach Cutcliffe has a tutored a few greats to the game of football. All with almost the same odd slow release. Interesting. Daniel Jones has made Duke look good against average opponents but he himself has been average against formidable opponents. The NFL needs a Qb who will step up when the bar is set high. Jones has a slight history of injury. Everything about his game seems to be in slow motion. Could see himself slide out of the first round.

#5 TJ Hockenson – TE – Iowa‌

Most likely will not slide but TE is one position where you’re either elite or you’re just barely average. Think about it, an average NFL Tight End is either a extra lineman/fullback or a special team player. If you pick a TE in the first round your plans are that he is elite. Teams will have to weigh the risk-reward. A slide for Hockenson would be into the 20’s.

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