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The Minnesota Miracle

Well the Divisional Round weekend is in the books, and as promised, the Minnesota Vikings vs. the New Orleans Saints was the game of the week. After the New Orleans Saints kicked a field goal to take a 1 point lead with 30 seconds left, the Vikings put the ball in Case Keenum’s hands. With :10 left and no timeouts, all that was left was a Hail Mary and hope that whoever caught it could get out of bounds. The Saints thought much the same, and what resulted was what will go down as one of the biggest blunders in NFL playoff history. Rookie safety Marcus Williams tried to tackle Stefon Diggs and keep him inbounds. Instead he missed completely, took out the chasing cornerback, and allowed Diggs a 61 yard walkoff touchdown to end the game.

It doesn’t matter that Williams is having an outstanding Rookie season, his entire career he will be associated with this play. Essentially, the opposite problem of Malcolm Butler.

Saints fans are predictably salty after the shocking loss, and have taken to twitter to rip Williams a new one. Just one problem…there are two Marcus Williams in the NFL. The other one, cornerback for the Houston Texans, happens to be from Minnesota and tweeted the following:

What happened next is essentially the epitome of Social Media blunders. Saints fans came after the wrong Williams. Enjoy.

This dude right here had many choice tweets for him.

Don’t forget those who tried to delete their shame…..We’ve got the screenshots 😂😂😂

Ned Donovan | The Turf

I bet Marcus Williams (the Texans Cornerback) is having a field day laughing at his mentions right about now. He may want to send some good wishes down to the guy in New Orleans. Something tells me he’s going to need it.

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