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Bear Country: Week 7 Post-Game and Week 8 Preview


Bearing Down At The Art Institute by John Bracken is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Bear Country: Week 7 Post-Game and Week 8 Preview

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Last Sunday was a dark moment for me as a Bears fan.

The New Orleans Saints steamrolled the Chicago Bears 36-25 at Soldier Field for the entire nation to see. To say the Bears were awful and the laughing stock of the league, is an understatement. If not for a kick return touchdown and two garbage-time scores, the final should have been 36-3.

My Bear fandom is being tested right now, and I feel very lost:

  • My starting Quarterback is looking like a poor man’s Blake Bortles (my worst fear).
  • The NFL Coach of the Year can’t even call an effective offensive play for a first down.
  • This top-ranked defense is falling apart due to the aforementioned offense.
  • The Bears only ran the ball SEVEN TIMES, and it is sadly a trend.
  • We received a beat down by a backup quarterback and running back.

I normally would break down this game from multiple angles, but I need to vent my frustration. I am an actor (like most writers here) and I feel the need to speak directly to my quarterback and head coach.

Dear Mitchell Trubisky,

I saw you at the Wednesday press conference and you looked a little on edge. It sounds like the “players only” meeting had you shook up.

It should have, bro.

In the kindest way, I hope the defense and your receivers tore into you.

WAKE UP MITCHELL TRUBISKY! The NFL is fickle. You will be a back up in Denver or Miami in two years if you don’t pick it up. Even bigger, the next five years of the Chicago Bears franchise hangs on your shoulders (Look at the Jaguars collapse). You must FEEL the urgency of this, dude.

Dude, I want to know what is going on in your head right now. You should know that your play should have you benched. Your lack of confidence on the field is telling me that its affecting you. Are you not freaked out that the bust talk is coming true? You claim that you block out all critics but how can an entire city booing at you week after week not get under your skin?

I challenge you to change the narrative.

Last season you came back from injury against the Rams and you were awful. The next week you bounced back against the Packers. Do the same against the Chargers. You still have time.

Whatever you do never, ever, ever repeat the following:

Dear Matt Nagy,

Hello, Mr. NFL Coach of the Year.

How does it feel to be completely embarrassed by Saints mastermind coach Sean Payton on your home field? You were taken to the woodshed. It was like watching a High School coach vs. a pro; Payton anticipated everything you were going to call before your team lined up.

I need to challenge you on your self-awareness of potential play-calling trends.  First of all, why only seven rushing attempts? Your team was only down 12-10 at halftime! Your “special” rookie running back only received TWO carries the entire game. Fans have every right to lose their mind over this:

Oh wait, I need to talk about the handling of your quarterback. Why would you call 54 passes when your quarterback is returning from a shoulder injury? You even said this week that your Quarterback’s confidence is “isn’t at an all-time high” Who’s fault is that?

I don’t understand why analysts can watch this game and see things you can’t:

I want you to turn it around and several people, including myself, have an idea how.

I see you pointing to the sky to give God the glory after wins. If that’s true, I think you’re missing a big part of your faith: Humility.

You know what that means to me?

Give up your play calling duties.

You claimed that you “self-scouted” during your bye week, but have you been blind to the fact that your offense hasn’t been successful since mid-last season? The offense you are putting on the field is prehistoric. This is why giving up your play-calling duties may be the solution. Your former head coach handed the playbook off to you, so maybe it’s time to follow suit. You’re not short of capable successors:

  • Former Vikings Coach Brad Childress (Senior Offensive Assistant)
  • Former Oregon Coach Mark Helfrich (Your Offensive Coordinator)
  • Quarterback Coach Dave Ragone. (Who actually called an awesome game in the preseason)

The first step of AA is admitting you are powerless and stepping out of denial. Coach, however much you may deny this is an issue, your team’s post season hopes depend on your recognition of this.

The reality is that you are an awesome leader of men and a horrible play caller.

I challenge you to turn over your offensive playbook or make changes. Your quarterback is much more comfortable from under center (see above video), so follow Minnesota’s blueprint with Kirk Cousins and try something different.

GAME PREVIEW: LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (2-5) @ Chicago Bears (3-3)

I am holding out a little bit of hope:

The problem is that the Bears should be grouped with those teams.

The team doesn’t have the same feel as last year. In 2018 the Bears were 3-3 and finished 12-4. This year’s team is falling apart and looks like a 6-10 or 7-9 team with little hope.

The Los Angeles Charges travel to Soldier Field this week with a 2-5 records. The Charges were once a Super Bowl favorite but have been decimated by injuries. They still shouldn’t be taken lightly due to quarterback Phillip Rivers and their potent offense, which is still ranked in the top half of the league. Their passing defense has also been pretty good to date.

Where do the Chargers struggle? Against the run. The Chargers are giving up 117.1 yards per game on 4.2 average per carry.

Will Matt Nagy actually adjust his game plan?

I can’t trust him yet.

Bears lose 23-13 and fall to 1-3 at home.

Hey Guys! Check out my podcast with one of my best friends Sun Hong! We recap almost every Bears game.

Tim is a grateful believer, husband to Kristin, Father to Isabelle living in Los Angeles as both an actor and Claims adjuster. He was born and grew up eight blocks from Wrigley Field and is a die hard Chicago fan (Especially Bears). He is incredibly grateful to The Turf for giving him a chance to pursue a passion of his.

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