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JJ Watt ABSOLUTELY DESERVED to win the man of the year award.

JJ Watt’s ability to generate 10’s of millions of dollars in hurricane relief for Texas was one of the greatest single acts of service an athlete has helped organize. But he also had the added benefit of his service being very good PR for the NFL. See my previous article below about how he was definitely going to win… You can find that here.

The NFL’s public image is currently in disarray. They are in terrible need of a rebrand. But, with an enormous amount of their viewing audience jumping ship, they needed to pander to their base. And their base loves what JJ Watt did.

Again, don’t get me wrong. What JJ did was incredible. But, there is an ongoing image problem in the NFL. I’m not writing this quick little article to highlight those issues. They are widely known. But, the NFL has some incredible athletes who did amazing work who didn’t do that work to bolster the image of the NFL. Some of them did it in spite of the NFL. Take a moment and google their names. They are listed in the above article link. All of these men deserve a google. You may even have a few extra dollars to donate after you read about their work. But either way, read about their service.

Now let’s talk about what deserves your attention.

You may have heard that the Super Bowl was this weekend. The Philadelphia Eagles won in case you don’t have internet in the rock you live under. However, with this win came another huge PR disaster for the NFL. It was literal mayhem in Philly.

Philly had it’s stores vandalized, cars flipped, and street polls torn down. It drives me crazy to see this on the news and not the highlighted efforts of how great NFL players can be for their communities. This is a general issue with news as a whole but highlighting post Super Bowl mayhem is low hanging fruit in my opinion. People tune in to to rubberneck. They don’t tune in because they are inspired. I think what JJ What did is inspiring. What NFL players do in the off season saves lives. I think you should take the time to see what kind of service these man do that does deserve your attention.

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