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Breaking Angles: Raiders’ 2019 Move to London Confirmed?

BREAKING: The Raiders maybe on the move earlier than expected. Did they just accidentally announce a move to England for the 2019 Season?

Credit: Dave Bolton (The Turf)

Breaking Angles: Raiders’ 2019 Move to London Confirmed?

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Jon Gruden received a 10 year, 100 Million dollar contract this offseason, making him the coach with the longest contract in NFL history. After his first season in his second stint with the Raiders, he truly turned their fortunes around—just not the water Raider fans hoped.

Two years ago they were one of the hottest teams in the NFL, spearheaded by three rookies, Derek Carr, Khalil Mack, and Amari Cooper. By the end of this year two of those three players are leading their team into the postseason…Amari Cooper was traded to the Dallas Cowboys and become the top receiving option quickly. Khalil Mack went to the Chicago Bears and became the pivot point of a resurgent offense. Derek Carr remains a Raider.

2016: 12-4. 2017: 6-10. 2018: 4-12. Not the future Raider fans saw coming in 2016.

Don’t forget Vegas

That’s right. After that amazing 2016 season the Raiders announced they had filed relocation papers to move the team to Vegas. Oakland refused to give the money for a new stadium that the team wanted and so away they went. After watching Gruden flush their team’s future down the drain, and the team getting ready to move for the 2020 season, it can’t get much worse for Raider fans.

Or can it

Eagle-eyed fans in Tottenham, England might have noticed a suspicious display in the club store. It’s no secret that the NFL is considering a London franchise, and there’s been a lot of talk about trying a team out for a year in a Premier League stadium. Well it looks like they may have found their team and location.

Credit: Dave Bolton (The Turf)

There is a full Raiders kit, emblazoned with Carr’s #4, in the window. Behind it you can see the Spurs “Built to Rise” slogan and also a full Soccer warmup kit and ball.

What does this mean?

According to Turf writer (and photographer) Dave Bolton, the staff member at the clubhouse said it “was a random selection” and it was there because “the NFL will be coming here to play some games”. True as this may be, it’s very suspicious timing given the rumored nature of Tottenham as a potential landing spot for an NFL team. Raiders fans might have even more to worry about this offseason.

What do you think? Preliminary fan outfits or random happenstance?

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