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Could Patrick Mahomes be the Franchise Quarterback Chiefs fans have always wanted?

Lucky Number 10. While I can’t say for certain if 10 is indeed a lucky number, I can say it has Chiefs fans pretty fired up going in to week 3.

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Could Patrick Mahomes be the Franchise Quarterback Chiefs fans have always wanted?

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Lucky Number 10. While I can’t say for certain if 10 is indeed a lucky number, I can say it has Chiefs fans pretty fired up going into week 3. What’s so special about 10 you ask? 10 is the number Chiefs young QB Patrick Mahomes hit to impressively find himself already breaking an NFL record.

The rocket launcher threw for a combined 10 TDs in week’s 1 and 2 keeping the spotlight on him for yet another week and giving Chiefs fans an overwhelming sense of excitement. Some of us have been daydreaming about what 15 could mean to Kansas City’s beloved franchise. If you found yourself shaking your head and laughing during last week’s QB showdown in Pittsburgh you weren’t alone.

“I think Mahomes’s talent is as good as anybody in the league now and has ever played the game.” – Brett Favre

Sometimes when the ball flies out of 15’s hands, I can’t help but shake my head at the insane raw talent this kid has. The laughing comes from the sheer joy of the former Texas Tech QB wearing red and yellow and gun-slinging for Kansas City. Kansas City’s history with QB’s has been a frustrating and unsuccessful rollercoaster ride.  Chiefs fans may want to trepidatiously approach this, but it’s impossible to not wonder if Mahomes could be the franchise QB they’ve always dreamed of.

Mahomes is young, poised and fires the ball with such strength and precision, that I’m convinced he’s hurting his receivers. Can we get a speedometer on that ball? If 15 can keep up this pace (surely he can’t though right, RIGHT?!) he’ll break Manning’s 55 TD’s in a season record. Plus, the swag on this kid is truly applause-worthy.

“I’ve never seen anyone throw harder than me with the football, so until I see it in person, I believe I have the stronger arm.” -Mahomes on Mahomes

Before you say, calm down Sydney it’s only week 3, I will say this; the time for being calm has passed. Plus breaking Manning’s stat isn’t far fetched, it’s almost undeniable. I mean this season is off to a blazing start for Mahomes and as much as I want to stay level headed and not freak out, our offense is giving me no other option. The Chiefs don’t get the Tom Bradys, Peyton Mannings and Aaron Rodgers of the game, we just don’t.

Last year, the history of our franchise gave me cause to pause when the dumping of Alex Smith/starting of Patrick Mahomes was circling. I thought there was no way the Chiefs could have acquired a talent like his. I believed it was all hype and that we’d never be lucky enough to find our guy. Now here I sit heading in to Week 3 and all I can think is, if we can get our defense healthy and clicking…we’re going to go all the way. Quite the leap I know, but with a canon-like Mahomes, a TE like Kelce, a grinder like Hunt and an actual Cheetah turned playmaker like Tyreek Hill, can you blame me?

This Sunday, hosting the 49ers at booming Arrowhead, will be another test for Chiefs fan’s optimism and stage for the young star to show us what he’s got. I’m uncharacteristically “all-in” on our new star QB and I’m not alone in the adoration and awe. Only time will truly tell, but if Mahomes can keep delivering the kind of magic he’s displayed in the past 8 quarters Chiefs fans will have a lot to look forward to. Could 15 be the answer to KC’s QB prayers? My gut screams YES, but Chief’s history warns me to not get my hopes up.

I think I can speak for a lot of Kansas City when I say, Too Late, Hope’s Up!

15 years and counting NY implant born and raised in Die-Hard Chiefs Country, but born a Yankees fan. Walking Contradiction. Weeps during sports movies. Professional sports arguer. Lover of goats. Will wear the same shirt during the playoffs if her team is winning. She IS the crazy blonde woman screaming during all major sporting events that you are either afraid of or in love with.

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