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When you’re trying to get a touchdown and your receivers are not getting open… you take matters into your own hands. At least, Marcus Mariota does.
Here’s an interesting bit of trivia. That was Mariota’s first playoff touchdown pass. His very first playoff touchdown pass was to himself! Shoutout to Darrelle Revis for the assist. The late season acquisition for the Chiefs didn’t quite work out the way they hoped, batting the ball directly back into Mariota’s ready hands.
In the end, the Chiefs fell to the Titans 22-21 after being up 21-3 at Halftime.
With the first playoff game out of the way, the next step for the Titans isn’t yet clear. If the Buffalo Bills defeat the Jaguars, then the Titans will play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the next round. If the Jaguars win then the Titans move on to play the New England Patriots.
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