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Matthew Stafford Is Not A Hall Of Famer…yet

It is too early to call Matthew Stafford a Hall of Fame Quarterback. Give it time. Let it marinate. If it’s today, it’s a no from me ,dawg.

"Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford" by Marianne O'Leary is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Matthew Stafford Is Not A Hall Of Famer…yet

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So I am hearing this claim that Matthew Stafford is a lock for the Hall of Fame, based on the hypothetical idea that he would retire today. I have to say no. False. Erroneous. Fallacious. Unfounded. Untimely. Precipitous. Too Soon. (

Do I believe the former Detroit Lions QB will make the Hall of Fame? I would say I am 90% sure that Matthew Stafford will be inducted and he’s is in a great position, as the current QB for the LA Rams, to increase his odds. But there are only 27 QBs even in the Hall. Are we so sure we want to make Stafford the 28th… today? I mean imagine if he had to give his Hall of Fame induction speech today. It would probably go a little something like this.

He is a champ for that speech. Don’t @ me Kelly Stafford!


Over 13 seasons Matthew Stafford made 3 playoff appearances for the Detroit Lions, going 0-3 in that span. Thirteen seasons and zero playoff wins and obviously never advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

Stafford obviously found major success this past post-season winning 4 playoff games including a Super Bowl. That is really what has sparked this whole debate. Before this playoff performance, I personally never heard Stafford in Hall of Fame talks outside of Detroit Lions fan pages. This was most likely due to his lack of post season history and his association with a losing franchise.

Individual Performance

One Pro Bowl selection, one Super Bowl, zero All-Pro team selections, zero MVP nods, zero Offensive Rookie or Player of the Year honors. Only 3 times in his football career has he led his teams to 10+ wins, in 14 seasons.

Stafford’s most impressive accomplishments are really accomplishments of his receivers Calvin Johnson and Cooper Kupp. Helping each receiver become record breakers as both accomplished the greatest single season RECEIVING year – first Calvin Johnson in Detroit and then topped by Cooper Kupp in LA. However, that is an individual stat for the receiver and not the QB.

Just as a comparison. Nobody is calling Matt Ryan a Hall of Famer but his individual career seems to eclipse Matthew Stafford’s.

Hardly ever the best player on field

Look at this past Super Bowl. Though he had an impact on the game and threw dimes to very talented receivers, Stafford was not the best player on the field. He’s not even the best player on his own team. At best he is the 4th best player on the Rams team and could be considered as low as 6th best player. I would say Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and Cooper Kupp are clear cut Top 3 on the Rams. In their prime, you could make a case for Von Miller and OBJ. I would put a few of them in the Hall before I concede to the idea that Matthew Stafford is in today.

If jumping on a loaded roster and just steering the ship is of Hall of Fame consideration, then call Matthew Stafford “Captain”. Stafford had a phenomenal season but his individual performance was not much different than his personal performance in Detroit. Let’s not forget that Jared Goff took this same team to the Super Bowl only a few years ago, and now, Goff is a member of the Detroit Lions & there is not much of a difference in Detroit.

Are there any comparable Hall of Famers?

You know, It’s tough to compare Hall of Famers because the game is continuously evolving and it’s becoming harder and harder to become a Hall of Fame selection. It’s also a tough comparison as there are only a few with as little recognition and accomplishments as Stafford. The only people that come to mind are Jim Kelly(don’t hate me but his career does not scream Hall of Fame to me either), Joe Namath, Warren Moon, Dan Fouts, Fran Tarkenton? Not to shit on these NFL greats, but the game has developed way beyond their numbers. It’s evolved into such a pass heavy league, that in some cases we’re talking 30,000-50,000 yard difference between today’s game and generations ago. Stafford has comparable numbers to the above named Hall of Famers who were great in their time. However, with the likes of Manning(x2), Brady, Rivers, Ryan and Roethlisberger, it’s hard to see Stafford’s career, at this moment right now, holding up in the long run.

If we add Stafford today, who else?

Vinny Testaverde? Carson Palmer? Drew Bledsoe? Joe Flacco? Phillip Rivers? Matt Ryan?

Again, the game is evolving and passing numbers are going up and up. It does not appear to be tailing off. If we put Stafford in today then all of these players deserve a real look right now in my opinion. Why are we not considering Matt Ryan? In my eyes, he’s been more individually successful than Matthew Stafford. I would say the same about Carson Palmer and Phillip Rivers if the standard is Stafford.

To be honest, I really believe he will make the Hall of Fame. Just not today.

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