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The McDaniels Pull Out of Indy Is The Most Belichick Move Ever

Bill Belichick by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY SA-2.0

The McDaniels Pull Out of Indy Is The Most Belichick Move Ever

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As of right now, Josh McDaniels is heading back to his old job in New England. It turns out the Former-But-Current Offensive Coordinator for the reigning AFC Champions will be staying in New England after reports came out that he would be taking over as Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

What a way to kick the Colts in the beans one last time.

What I love about this move is that it’s cold-blooded and ruthless. I also love that Jim Irsay is somewhere swearing a lot at his dogs. I live for this move.

So what happened was that earlier today reports came out that Josh McDaniels was going to be taking the HC job in Indianapolis. He’s actually a really great fit for the team they have brewing at Lucas Oil Stadium, and Marlon Mack would be a beast in McDaniel’s receiving back system. Add a “healthy” Andrew Luck to the mix and he’s got a real shot at putting something together.

So after this news comes out, Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner, gives McDaniels a call. Kraft had to know that McDaniels was on his way out, especially since he’s losing Matt Patricia to the Lions next year.

There’s a big difference between losing a coordinator to a team in the other conference, but to lose a guy to a conference rival? No way. Kraft has been down that road before.

So he gives McDaniels a call, sweetens his offer and McDaniels decides he’s #NotDone in New England.


What I also love about this move is how reminiscent it is of Belichick’s recusal from the New York Jets head coaching job.

Here’s former New York Post and current ESPN writer Rich Cimini’s words about that day, Belichick’s only day as head coach of the New York Jets:

“Bill Belichick met with the Jets’ assistant coaches at 10 a.m. yesterday. It was business as usual for 30 minutes, as Belichick provided them with information about the upcoming Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. He seemed to be planning for the future, scheduling the next staff meeting for Jan. 14. No one in the room suspected that, four hours later, Belichick would rock the organization by quitting the same day he was supposed to be coronated as Bill Parcells’ successor. Strange day. In fact, Belichick didn’t notify club president Steve Gutman until moments before a scheduled 2:30 news conference at Weeb Ewbank Hall. He scribbled his resignation on a sheet of loose-leaf paper, writing that he was quitting as ‘H.C. of the NYJ.’

Something happened in those four hours, something bizarre,” one team source said. In one of the most bizarre chapters in the often zany history of the Jets, Belichick resigned only one day after succeeding the retired Parcells, who moved into a front office advisory role. In a span of 26 1/2 hours, the Jets – still without an owner – lost two coaches, throwing the organization into a state of chaos.”

Bill Belichick couldn’t even be bothered to write out New York Jets. It’s legitimately nine more letters. Bill couldn’t do that, he could do any more for the Jets. He wanted out.

And now his protege, Josh McDaniels has dumped the Colts for New England.

You know… just history repeating itself.

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