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Monday Night Preview: New Orleans Saints vs. Las Vegas Raiders

With no preseason we still don’t know much about this Raiders team, but this Monday night will usher in a new era for Raider Nation.

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Monday Night Preview: New Orleans Saints vs. Las Vegas Raiders

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Week 1 is in the books and that leads us to just one place, Week 2. It’s not that deep, just how time works. While we switch back to the standard single-game slate, I would argue this solitary venture offers even more entertainment and talent than the previous.

New Orleans Saints vs. Las Vegas Raiders

The Saints and the Raiders both come into this matchup 1-0. With no preseason we still don’t know much about either team, but this Monday night will not just elaborate on things to come, but usher in a new era for Raider Nation. Drew Brees and the Saints will be attempting to crash the grand opening of the newest palace in the desert, Allegiant Stadium.

The Raiders have moved a number of times during my life. Usually, it is just from Oakland to LA and back but this time they have left the Sunshine State for good and entrenched themselves in Sin City. I cannot think of a better pairing of fans and city than the Black Hole matching up with Vegas. While I feel bad for the city of Oakland, now is not the time for sorrow, now is the time for pomp, circumstance, and excess. Vegas baby.

While no fans will be allowed inside this monstrosity in the sand, we will surely get the tour of all things within. All of the shiny bells and whistles that will great the Raider faithful once this pandemic subsides will be more than enough to get me to tune into the pregame show.

New Orleans Keys To Victory: Kamara Kamara More Kamara

With stud wideout and Twitter infant Michael Thomas out with an injury, the Saints will need to prop up the aging Brees with a heavy dose of Alvin Kamara. Arguably the best back in the league, this former 3rd round pick needs to be featured early and often if the Saints wish to come out of the desert with a victory.

In case you’ve forgotten.

Las Vegas Raiders Keys To Victory: Contain Kamara

While this may seem like a copout, well, it is. That doesn’t also mean it isn’t true. Drew Brees is not the player he once was and he will be light on weapons. The Raiders have no one that scares me or anyone else on offense or defense. If they want to win this game they need to keep number 41 in check. If they can accomplish this, only average performances from Derek Carr will be needed, and let’s be real, that is the only type of performance he gives.

Final Word

Come for the open house, stay for the football. The guided tour around the new football shrine in the sand is worth the effort to flip on ESPN alone. Seeing if the Raiders can make a statement on their official homecoming night will just be extra. The Saints are the better team but the Raiders will surely come out fired up. I like the Saints to win outright but the Raiders to cover the 5.5.

As always, the autumn wind is a pirate.

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