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New York Giants Lose A Wet One

The New York Giants lose at home despite Saquon’s return. Daniel Jones outplays Kyler Murray. The Giants defense couldn’t stop Chase Edmonds.

Go Giants! by Ted Kerwin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

New York Giants Lose A Wet One

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What a winnable game that the New York Giants couldn’t pull off. They lose to the Arizona Cardinals 27-21 after being 3 point favorites at home. Daniel Jones couldn’t pull off a dramatic Eli-esque comeback, though it was not entirely his fault. Pat Shumur’s pitiful play calling needs to be addressed before the end of this season. His run call on 3rd & 18 near the end of the 4th quarter, forcing the Giants to go for it on 4th & 15 and ending with a sack fumble, is going to be looked at as the reason the game was lost.

That is a terrible excuse for a terrible call. Pat Shumur’s play calling at times is predictable and other times just not creative. He may need to hand over play calling duties soon, because he is directly responsible for troubles on offense.

Pat Shumur’s record as a head coach is 17-39. He has made bad decisions on back to back games now, when do we start to question as fans if he is the guy for the job?

Let’s look into some of the highlights of the game.

Saquon’s Return

This was the first time Daniel Jones has had Saquon Barkley with him since his first start as a Giant. Barkley came out and carried the ball 18 times for 72 yards and a touchdown in his return. He also caught the ball 3 times for 8 yards.

The rain came down at the beginning of the second half and we had an injury scare with Saquon. He began limping off the field only to return a play later. The man is superhuman and it’s extremely impressive that he came back from the sprain in such short time and looked as good as he did.

Overall it was a good game for his first game back, but the team, despite the weather, needed to throw the ball more often than not. I still want to see Barkley get over 20 carries a game and catch 5-7 passes. He is the best player on this team and should be as involved as humanly possible.

Daniel Jones Out-Plays Kyler Murray

For the most part, Daniel Jones outplayed Kyler Murray in their first NFL matchup, but Jones turned the ball over 4 times, including the crucial late game fumbles.

Danny Dimes ended the day going 22/35 with 223 yards, a TD and an INT. He was also sacked 8 times. EIGHT TIMES! All of the talk about the offensive line being rebuilt was questioned after Jones faced constant pressure for most of the game. The Nate Solder signing looks worse and worse. Gettleman may be a good evaluator in the draft, but he has proven that his free-agent signings are very bad.

On Jones’s lone touchdown pass he threw an absolute DIME down the field to Rhett Ellison.

That pass is one of those “you shouldn’t throw this into double coverage” throws, but if you make the pass no harm no foul. The accuracy on these throws are what we praise Daniel Jones for, but they are great when they work and they don’t work out as much as you want. Daniel threw another pass into blatant double coverage for an interception earlier in the game, bringing back shades of Eli Manning.

Ball security, ball security, ball security. That’s the biggest thing week in and week out that Daniel Jones needs to improve on. I like that he takes risks in the game throwing the ball, but his pocket presence needs to be better to prevent fumbles.

Giants Defense Can’t Stop Edmonds Break Out Game

The New York Giants defense could not stop the Cardinals rushing attack if their lives depended on it. David Johnson played one snap after being activated this weekend (ruined my fantasy team today). Therefore, all the damage was done thanks to Chase Edmonds, who steam-rolled the Giants defense for 150 total yards and 3 TDs. With rain coming down, and how efficient Edmonds was, he was the go-to option for Kyler Murray.

It’s never been more obvious that there is a lack of talent on this defense. Edmonds’ touchdown runs were all over 20 yards and it looked as if he had the entire field to run. There were missed tackles left and right. It’s as if he could have walked to the end zone without a care in the world.

There is one bright spot. The Giants defense held Murray to only 104 passing yards and sacked him twice. The defense had a hard time getting to him as he ran around the backfield, but they did come up with the play that brought the team right back in it after being down a quick two touchdowns. It was a sack deep in their own territory that led to a blocked punt for a touchdown. Credit to the Special Teams unit for staying on their toes and grabbing that loose ball in the endzone.

A Look Ahead

The Giants head to Detroit next week to play the 2-3-1 Lions. Matt Stafford just because the fastest Quarterback to throw for 40,000 yards in a high scoring loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Look for the Giants to continue their defensive struggles.

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