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NFL Conference Championship Picks: Get Ready for A Patriots vs. Saints Super Bowl

Two games. Two winners. One Super Bowl Matchup.

NFL Conference Championship Picks: Get Ready for A Patriots vs. Saints Super Bowl

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Let’s just say the divisional round games were…shocking.

First of all, I was NOT expecting the 2018 Kansas City Chiefs to look like the 1985 Bears. Secondly, ummm… where was that New England defensive line the entire season?

The NFC games weren’t all that shocking, yet I still picked the Cowboys. Why? Maybe I like to spice things up. But I loved how the Rams pretty much beat the Cowboys at their own game: running the ball and getting after the quarterback.

I said if the Rams were to win that game, the defensive line would have to show up and bring their A-game. Well, they certainly showed up and did just that. And now Scott Linehan is a goner, as offensive coordinator for Dallas.

Defense wins championships…says who?

We have two great conference championship games ahead. These four teams are the top four offenses in the league. So yeah, it’s quite possible these games will combine for over 100 points…unless the Chiefs become the Bears again this week.

Alrighty, let’s get right to it. Who will go to the Super Bowl?! But before I get to my picks, I am actually writing this article sitting next to my good friend and fellow Turf Writer Joseph Dalfonso. Let’s ask him real quickly who he’s got in these two games:

Me: “Joey…who do you have in the AFC Championship game? I know, this is a really stupid question because I think I know who you are going to go with, you crazy Pats fan…unless you are one of those pessimistic Pats fans who, quite frankly I can’t figure out because…I mean…you guys have gone to the Super Bowl more times than I’ve gone to a Dave Matthew Band concert. And that’s a problem, because I LOVE Dave Matthews Band. But I’m not one of those guys who just goes to his concerts to drink, fantasize about being in a frat, and wear a lacrosse pinnie…and not even play lacrosse. So, who do you got?”

Joey: “….the Patriots.”

Me: (After taking a long sip of his Miller Lite) “Ok, who do you have in the NFC game?”

Joey: “I got Saints.”

Me: “Not trying to be a prick here, and I’m pretty sure I’m going with them too, but why the Saints?”

Joey: “Ummm they’re home…their offense is better…Brees is on a destiny tour…”

Matt: “Wait, destiny tour? Like…Destiny’s Child is touring again? That would be sweet.”

Joey: “Beyoncé is too big for Destiny’s Child.”

Me: “Ok…just checking…I’m gonna give my picks now, thanks for playing dude!”

Joey: “You’re weird.”


Rams at Saints (Sunday @ 3:05PM ET)

The last time these two teams played, it was it was a high-scoring affair that led to a Saints 45-35 win.

But things are a bit different now.

The Rams didn’t have Aqib Talib at the time, but they did have Cooper Kupp, and he had 5 receptions for 89 yards and a TD. But have no fear fellas…because CJ Anderson is here, and he’s been surprisingly amazing for the Rams in the backfield.

Meanwhile, Michael Thomas was unreal, with 12 receptions for 211 yards and a TD. Also, the Saints’ defense has improved tremendously since then. The Saints defense has allowed only five points per game after halftime. Ummm what?!

I like the Saints defense more, and I especially like them at home where Sean Payton and Drew Brees together are undefeated in the playoffs. Give me New Orleans to win the NFC.

Saints win 33-26.

Patriots at Chiefs (Sunday @ 6:40PM ET)

The Patriots nipped the Chiefs the first time around in Week 6, 43-40. But the Patriots are on the road this time, where they seem to be much more vulnerable with a 3-5 road record on the season.

Arrowhead Stadium is not an easy place to play, but because it’s going to be frigid in Kansas City, the Patriots will feel right at home!

Also, I just do not trust the Chiefs to replicate their defensive performance from last week against the Colts in this game against Brady and the gang, despite only allowing 17.4 points per game at home. I think the Patriots will be able to attack the Chiefs in more ways than the Colts could have mustered.

The Patriots defense is playing better as well and I expect them to pressure Mahomes more than the first meeting this season. And while the Chiefs only had to worry about one running back last week, now you got TWO quality running backs who can beat you on the ground and in the air. The Chiefs can beat you in many ways, but so can the Patriots.

If the Patriots win the coin toss, I expect them to do the same thing they did against the Chargers: Get the ball first and slowly work the chains to the first TD of the game. Keep the Chiefs offense off the field.

This will be super close, but I think in the end, the New England defense will surprise us, and Brady will do something heroic to pull off the win in the fourth quarter. Give me the Patriots, who I picked before the season anyway, to move on to the Super Bowl.

Patriots win 27-24.

Enjoy the games!

Matt lives in Newnan, Georgia but was born and raised in Upstate New York. He is a fan of the New York Yankees, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Boston Celtics. At the collegiate level, he is a Notre Dame and Syracuse fan (yeah he can root for both, and what?!) He must, however, find a soccer team to root for. So him out there. All suggestions are welcome. You can catch Matt on the Turf mostly covering NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football and Basketball, and Horse Racing (that is not a typo, he practically grew up on a racetrack). It's nothing's strictly sports.

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