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NFL Division Winners and Super Bowl Pick

It’s Time for Some Way Too Early NFL Predictions. How Far Will Your Team Go?

Eagles Fan by Lorie Shaull is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

NFL Division Winners and Super Bowl Pick

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The NFL season is upon us! It’s so close that I can sniff it! Ok that’s kind of weird, but anyway, let me give you my NFL division predictions as well as my Super Bowl pick!

In summary, there are some usual suspects, and some big-time surprises! I don’t even know if some of these scenarios are mathematically possible, but this is just what I think each team is capable of finishing the season at. Have a look!

AFC East

This division will be a joke, and the Patriots will have a walk in the park. Meanwhile the Dolphins will be my pick for the worst team in football this season.

Division Winner: New England Patriots

Patriots: 12-4

Bills: 6-10

Jets: 5-11

Dolphins: 3-13

AFC North

Unlike the AFC East, the AFC North seems to always be a competitive division. Everyone and their dog are going crazy for the Browns. I think they’ll be a good team and even make the playoffs…as a Wild Card team. The Steelers will surprise us all (except for me hehe) and barely edge out the Browns for the division.

Division Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers: 10-6

Browns: 9-7

Ravens: 7-9

Bengals: 5-11

AFC South

I originally had the Colts winning this division, but with Luck retiring that certainly changes things. This is now Houston’s division to lose. I do still believe that the Colts won’t be THAT bad with Jacoby Brissett under center.

Division Winner: Houston Texans

Texans: 11-5

Colts: 8-8

Jaguars: 7-9

Titans: 6-10

AFC West

Basically, this division is a two-horse race. I do give the edge to the Chiefs, however, to win the division and also finish with the best record in the AFC. The scary thing is the Chiefs may be even better than they were last year, which is hard to fathom. Meanwhile, the Chargers will take a couple steps back, but still manage to join the Browns in getting a Wild Card spot in the AFC.

Division Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs: 13-3

Chargers: 10-6

Broncos: 7-9

Raiders: 6-10

AFC Playoff Seeding

  1. Chiefs
  2. Patriots
  3. Texans
  4. Steelers
  5. Chargers
  6. Browns

NFC East

Another two-horse race division between the Eagles and the Cowboys. It will come down to the wire, but I like the Eagles this year. Cowboys will just miss the playoffs in a tiebreaker (more on that later).

Division Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles: 10-6

Cowboys: 9-7

Giants: 6-10

Redskins: 4-12

NFC North

This is easily the toughest division to predict this year and it’s not even close. I honestly have no idea. The Detroit Lions could win the division, I have NO IDEA. But I will say this…the Bears’ schedule is brutal, and going from first to worst is a real possibility. I am also picking a surprise team to win the division. It will be a really bizarre division where a 9-7 record will be good enough.

Division Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Vikings: 9-7

Packers: 8-8

Lions: 7-9

Bears: 6-10

NFC South

They may take a couple steps back this season, but this division still belongs to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. Meanwhile, the Falcons are a surprise wild card team in the NFC, just edging out the Cowboys in a tiebreaker.

Division Winner: New Orleans Saints

Saints: 11-5

Falcons: 9-7

Panthers: 8-8

Buccaneers: 7-9

NFC West

The Rams will finish with the best record in the NFC. I’m higher on the Seahawks than most and I’m lower on the 49ers than most. Even though he may not be a great fantasy QB this year, I just never count out Russell Wilson and his ability to do so much with so little. The Cardinals will be exciting to watch, but boy their schedule is brutal. Kyler Murray has some really tough games on his rookie campaign.

Division Winner: Los Angeles Rams

Rams: 13-3

Seahawks: 10-6

49ers: 6-10

Cardinals: 4-12

NFC Playoff Seeding

  1. Rams
  2. Saints
  3. Eagles
  4. Vikings
  5. Seahawks
  6. Falcons

Playoff Predictions and Super Bowl Pick


Wild Card Round

Texans over Browns

Steelers over Chargers

Divisional Round

Chiefs over Steelers

Patriots over Texans

AFC Championship

Patriots over Chiefs


Wild Card Round

Eagles over Falcons

Vikings over Seahawks

Divisional Round

Rams over Vikings

Saints over Eagles

NFC Championship

Saints over Rams

Super Bowl

Saints over Patriots

The Saints have had two heartbreaking playoff losses the past two seasons. Third time’s the charm and they get their sweet revenge on the Rams. The Patriots return to the Super Bowl, because I mean…it’s one of the safer bets in sports, right? But the Saints prevail, and Drew Brees gets his second and final Super Bowl ring before he hangs them up and rides off into the sunset of retirement. A great finish to a great quarterback’s career.

Final Prediction: Saints 28, Patriots 21

Matt lives in Newnan, Georgia but was born and raised in Upstate New York. He is a fan of the New York Yankees, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Boston Celtics. At the collegiate level, he is a Notre Dame and Syracuse fan (yeah he can root for both, and what?!) He must, however, find a soccer team to root for. So him out there. All suggestions are welcome. You can catch Matt on the Turf mostly covering NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football and Basketball, and Horse Racing (that is not a typo, he practically grew up on a racetrack). It's nothing's strictly sports.

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