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NFL Sunday What to Watch: Week 10

NFL Sunday’s What to Watch in Week 10: Matchups, Rookies, Injuries, Substitutions, and Covid-19 related Fantasy Options.

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NFL Sunday What to Watch: Week 10

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Week 10, let’s get it. While we are very appreciative of the fact that we have football, it has been a bit undisciplined this year. That may play into the injuries also. Here’s hoping for more defense and fewer injuries.

I’ll let you know I have the drop on where you can find the best games, fantasy players, rookies, injuries, and substitutions of the week. Check below for your week 10 info.

Matchups to Watch

Seattle Seahawks 6-2 at Los Angeles Rams 5-3 4:25pm, I cannot decide if this is the game of the week or if it’s the Cardinals vs Bills. This game depends on the Rams defense. Will they slow Russell Wilson and his weapons, or will they be too much for the Rams to handle?

Buffalo Bills 7-2 at Arizona Cardinals 5-3 4:05pm, If you are a fantasy player and have a wide receiver in this matchup you may have a good day. Or either one of the QB’s, Josh Allen played very inspired last week in the wake of his passing grandmother. He threw 4 TDs for her. Speaking of, where do QBs come from?

San Francisco 49ers 4-5 at New Orleans Saints 6-2 4:25pm, If San Francisco wants to make a season out of this they need to start now. New Orleans is feeling lit after sweeping Tom Brady and the Bucs. However, they may face some penalties for their reckless covid situation.

Los Angeles Chargers 2-6 at Miami Dolphins 5-3 4:05pm, Rookie vs Rookie. When we looked at this game in August, I’m not sure any of us saw Tua Tagovailoa vs Justin Herbert on the schedule.

Baltimore Ravens 6-2 at New England Patriots 3-5 8:20pm, The Ravens don’t feel like a 6-2 team like the Saints. Something feels off, to me it’s the lackluster play calling of Greg Roman. Will the Patriots take advantage of playing a humdrum offense? Oh and I think Dez Bryant is suiting up today for the Ravens.

Fantasy Players to watch

James Robinson, RB Jacksonville Jaguars, Playing with a rookie 6th round QB against the powerful Packers. Robinson has been the only consistent in Jacksonville so they should look to lean on him today.

Christian Kirk, WR Arizona Cardinals, Has been the big play receiver as of late. Murray is consistently finding Kirk for deep bombs, in stride. It’s a thing of beauty.

Jakobi Meyers, WR New England Patriots, Meyers has stated that where he grew up, everyone looked up to Cam Newton. Cam has been leaning on the young man for the past 3 weeks.

Aaron Rodgers, QB Green Bay Packers, Playing the Jags, get him in your daily fantasies as one of your big dollar players.

Duke Johnson, RB Houston Texans, Johnson filled in real nice against the Jags last week after David Johnson went down with a concussion. He will shoulder the carries today.

Rookies to Watch

Chase Young, DE Washington Football Team, Can he record a sack in back to back weeks? It would be the first time in his young career.

Chase Claypool, WR Pittsburgh Steelers, Claypool has been quiet of late but nothing that a game against the Bengals can’t cure.

Antoine Winfield Jr, SS Tampa Bay Buccaneers, This guy reminds me of Petty from Remember the Titans, big shoulder pads and is always where the ball is.

Davon Hamilton, DT Jacksonville Jaguars, Has been the highest graded Jaguar on the defensive line, while that’s not that impressive, it is a pleasant surprise for the club.

Tua Tagovailoa, QB Miami Dolphins, The 3rd start of his career. He looked impressive last week.

Injuries/Substitutions to Watch

Christian McCaffrey, RB Carolina Panthers, Christian McCaffrey will be missed probably by fantasy owners but definitely by the Panthers as they look to right their season against the Bucs. McCaffrey is out with a shoulder. Mike Davis will take literally 90% of RB touches today.

David Johnson, RB Houston Texans, Johnson is out with a concussion sustained against the hard hitting Myles Jack in last week’s matchup with Jacksonville. Duke Johnson will fill in.

Kenny Golladay, WR Detroit Lions, This season has been hampered by injury for Kenny Golladay. Marvin Jones Jr will be the number one receiver today.

Kyle Allen, QB Washington Football Team, Kyle Allen is out with an ankle injury. Welcome back my guy Alex Smith for his 2nd straight start. Last week he started well but threw a few interceptions that cost the game. Let’s see if he can pick it up this week filling in for Kyle Allen.

Joey Bosa, DE Los Angeles Chargers, Joey Bosa is out with a concussion and the Chargers defense will miss his sack production. The Chargers have 16 sacks on the season.

Enjoy week 10

I hope you find what you’re looking for in this Week 10 of NFL football. Stay tuned for NFL Sunday: What to watch in Week 11.

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