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NFL Sunday What to Watch: Week 12

NFL Sunday’s What to Watch in Week 12: Matchups, Rookies, Injuries, Substitutions, and Covid-19 related Fantasy Options.

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NFL Sunday What to Watch: Week 12

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I hope everyone did not get too full on Thanksgiving turkey because we have an unhealthy portion of Covid19 this week. In the middle of one of the biggest outbreaks in sports so far, the Ravens continue to add players and staff to the Covid list. Denver doesn’t have a QB on their roster eligible to play in the game today. They even tried to see if they could start one of their coaches at QB but the NFL denied it. Tough times around the league.

Week 11 brought us some fun times and big performances but now we are on to Week 12. Due to Covid and plain old scheduling, you will see some lackluster battles. Nonetheless, check out the matchups, fantasy players, rookies, and injuries below.

Matchups to Watch

Tennessee Titans 7-3 at Indianapolis Colts 7-3, This Week 12 game is a rematch of the Week 10 matchup. With the division on the line, this is really for a top seat in the division and has playoff implications.

Kansas City Chiefs 9-1 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-4, Best game of the week by far. Tom Terrific vs Pat Prolific. This game should be packed with a lot of fun offense as both teams load up for an offensive war.

Carolina Panthers 4-7 at Minnesota Vikings 4-6, Losing records, sure, but that doesn’t take away from what this game really is. Teddy Two Gloves returns to Minnesota.

Arizona Cardinals 6-4 at New England Patriots 4-6, Can the Pats pull off a much needed win against the multi-talented Cardinals? Cam was once the bigger version of Kyler Murray, he’ll need to be that again today.

Chicago Bears 5-5 at Green Bay Packers 7-3, This week’s games are tough, as in tough to find a really good matchup. The Bears started 5-1 and are now 5-5 and handed the ball back to Mitchell Trubisky. OOOF!

Fantasy Players to Watch

Keelan Cole, WR Jacksonville Jaguars- Cole should get a lot of attention, DJ Chark is out and others are limited. Cole is a very good play if you’re looking for a cheap DFS.

Wayne Gallman, RB New York Giants- Over the last 5 games for Gallman, he has had 5 touchdowns and 62 carries. He has been the Giants’ most productive player since Saquon Barkley left with a torn ACL.

Nelson Agholor, WR Las Vegas Raiders- Agholor has been the most productive receiver on the Raiders team, speaking in fantasy terms. He has at least 13 pts in 5 of the last 7 weeks. He is a very nice flex option.

Mike Davis, RB Carolina Panthers- As always, Mike Davis is a must play when CMAC is out. He scored 15 PPR points last week. That number should go up this week.

Brian Hill, RB Atlanta Falcons- Flex option for your fantasy teams. With Gurley out of the game, Brian Hill should get the grown man carries.

Rookies to Watch

Michael Pittman Jr, WR Indianapolis Colts, Pittman has emerged in Indy, after suffering a lower leg injury for most of the season he has really come on as a steady, big, strong presence.

Chase Young, DE The Washington Football Team- When Young is on the field he makes an impact, regardless of the statline. He will make his presence known.

Justin Jefferson, WR Minnesota Vikings- The Vikings traded Stefon Diggs and have not regretted the move one bit thanks to rookie WR Justin Jefferson.

Justin Herbert, QB Los Angeles Chargers- Week in and week out Herbert is making other teams’ lives much more difficult.

Julian Blackmon, S Indianapolis Colts– Blackmon is playing lights out football. I am interested to see how he deals with the strong and fast receivers of Tennessee while staying true to the run game of Derrick Henry.

Injuries/Substitutions to Watch

Todd Gurley, RB Atlanta Falcons, The Falcons seem to be taking caution with Todd Gurley and his knee. Brian Hill is expected to start in his place.

Christian McCaffrey, RB Carolina Panthers, The Panthers RB will be out again nursing the shoulder. Mike Davis will shoulder the load of the carries… no pun intended.

Rex Burkhead, RB New England Patriots, Had his knee blown up last week, He will be out for the remainder of the season. James White will be the primary pass catching back for New England.

DJ Chark, WR Jacksonville Jaguars, Chark has rib injuries and when you are terrible and tanking, you must take care of the little talent you actually have. Keelan Cole should fill in nicely for Chark.

Casey Hayward, CB Los Angeles Chargers, Hayward is suffering from a groin injury and this is meaningful because the Bills love to throw deep. At least John Brown for the Bills will be out as well, so that shows some relief for the Chargers.

Enjoy Week 12!

I hope you find what you’re looking for in this Week 12 of NFL Football. Stay tuned for NFL Sunday: What to watch in Week 13.

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