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NFL Sunday: What to Watch Week 3

NFL Sunday’s What to Watch in Week 3: Matchups, Rookies, Fantasy and Injuries and Substitutions.

Ezekiel Elliot, Dak Prescott by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY SA-2.0

NFL Sunday: What to Watch Week 3

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Now that we’ve digested that stinker of a Week 3 Thursday night game when Ryan Fitzpatrick set all sorts of personal records vs the Jaguars, we’re ready for some more football. Beyond that game we have a full slate of other story lines to keep this NFL season right on script.

Let’s take a look at what to watch for in Week 3. The top 5 matchups, fantasy players, rookies, and injuries/substitutions.

Matchups to Watch

Kansas City Chiefs(2-0) at Baltimore Ravens(2-0) Monday 8:15pm- Boy did the NFL know what they were doing when they scheduled this one. They knew both teams should be undefeated and still the clear cut cream of the crop.

Green Bay Packers(2-0) at New Orleans Saints(1-1) Sunday 8:20pm- Once again Drew Brees has to prove he is the hipest old man in the room but also doesn’t know where the silence button is on his iPhone. Let’s see if these gunslingers can get in a shootout!

Las Vegas Raiders(2-0) at New England Patriots(1-1) 1pm- Guys, the Raiders are undefeated. I’m not sure how long it will last but they certainly are playing like an early playoff team. Cam Newton got loose last week in a loss to the Seahawks but it’s very exciting to see him do well. And the game is better with him healthy.

Los Angels Rams(2-0) at Buffalo Bills(2-0) 1pm- Fortunately, one of these teams will have a loss after this game, because it’s blowing my mind that they each don’t have at least one already. I’m not the biggest fan of of the Rams’ process to get to the team they have become. I like what the Bills are doing but they arent wow-ing me.

Dallas Cowboys(1-1) at Seattle Seahawks(2-0) 4:25pm- Dallas has fight in them. They have battled the aforementioned Rams to a 3 point loss and also scraped back from way behind for a wild last minute victory over the Falcons. Seattle on the other hand has the fire power to break your spirit offensively. If you don’t believe me check the way DK Metcalf handled 2019 Defensive Player of the Year, Stephon Gilmore.

Fantasy Players to Watch

Jerick McKinnon, RB San Fancisco 49ers- It’s last man left standing in San Francisco. After signing a monster deal in 2018 but being injured the majority of his stint with the 49ers, this is basically the last year of his deal because his final year has been eliminated by the 49ers. Time for McKinnon to audition for other teams.

Leonard Fournette, RB Tampa Bay Bucaneers- Fournette is basically the closer for the Bucs. However, his production combined with the lack of production from Ronald Jones may lead to the majority share and/or redzone attempts.

Devonta Freeman/Dion Lewis, RB New York Giants- With Saquon Barkley on IR for the season, one of these guys has to be able to pick up the workload left behind. This week’s workload may fall on Dion Lewis as he has been with the team longer and Freeman just joined less than a week ago.

JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR Pittsburgh- Week 1 JuJu had a big game including 2 TDs. I predict the same for him against this weak Houston Texan secondary.

Derrick Henry, RB Tennessee Titans- Henry has yet to really break out as the first round RB1 that we were all really were depending on. Rest assured fantasy owners, this week Henry will run wild vs the Vickings.

Rookies to Watch

Justin Herbert, QB Los Angeles Chargers- The rookie signal caller was impressive in Herbert’s NFL debut. He went shot for shot with Mahomes and almost pulled out the victory. He will be a must watch this week against the Panthers.

Joe Burrow, QB Cincinnati Bengals- This guy just keeps going off but no victory yet. It’s no doubt this young man is must see TV. Will he get his first NFL win against the winless Eagles?

Van Jefferson, WR Los Angles Rams- Young, sharp, route running reciever with high pedigree. This guy will be in the league, and be successful in the league, for a long time.

Jerry Jeudy, WR Denver Broncos- So this is the weekly article highlighting ‘what to watch’, right? Watch this guy. Watch this guy with the ball. Watch this guy run routes. Watch this guy block. It’s all electrifying.

Jonathan Taylor, RB Indianapolis Colts– Taylor is a beast and he will carry the entire Indianapolis offense on his back… much like he did at University of Wisconsin.

Injuries/Substitutions to Watch

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB San Francisco 49ers- This injury is crucial to the team for obvious reasons. More so that we have seen this team without Garoppolo before and it’s not exactly the most frightening of offenses. Nick Mullens will fill in for Jimmy G, as he is dealing with an ankle injury.

George Kittle, TE San Fransisco 49ers – Really you can name many positions on the 49ers and put them on this list. As a matter of fact, I could dedicate the whole injury report to the 49ers. Jordan Reed will continue to fill in once again for George Kittle.

Tyrod Taylor, QB Los Angeles Chargers- This is one of the more bizzare, Tyrod Taylor type things to happen in 2020. Read that again and it will make sense. Taylor suffered a punctured lung at the hands of the Los Angeles Chargers Medical staff. He was receiving treatment for cracked ribs and the needle actually punctured his lungs just before kickoff. These types of anomalies tend to happen to Tyrod Taylor. You know like freak injuries that continuously cost him his starting spot? Justin Herbert will be starting for the injured Tyrod Taylor for the 2nd straight week.

Saquon Barkley, RB New York Giants- Last week was the week from hell and it has us all questioning the importance of preseason games. Barkley is 100% the heartbeat of the Giants. For the second straight year his season is done and we cannot wait to see him back on the field next year. Dion Lewis and company look to pick up Barkley’s workload as he recovers from an ACL tear.

AJ Brown, WR Tennessee Titans – Brown is out for the 2nd straight week with a bone bruise to his knee. Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith have been electric in his absence.

Enjoy Week 3!

I hope you find what you’re looking for in this Week 3 of NFL football. Stay tuned for NFL Sunday: What to watch in Week 4.

Baltimore made me. Duval raised me. New York saved me. I'm a Jags fan for life and don't ever disrespect it. I'm Duval Til' We Die #DTWD. Florida Gators over everybody. Dodgers to win it all. Since moving to NYC I have become a Brooklyn Nets fan and am still trying to pick a hockey team. Those are my main rooting interest. I'm the head NFL Writer for the Turf. You can also catch me on Amplified Network where I co-host a podcast called "60 minute suspension" highlighting all off field activity covering all sports. I'm also a very big hip hop fan. You may find some rhymes from my favorite songs in my writing.

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