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NFL Week 15 Picks: Patriots Demolish Steelers; Colts Nip Cowboys

For some teams…it’s do-or-die this week.

NFL Week 15 Picks: Patriots Demolish Steelers; Colts Nip Cowboys

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Hey folks! Well I am traveling this weekend so I won’t dilly dally. Let’s get to it!

Last Week Record: 9-7

Week 15 Saturday: 1-1

Season Record: 89-58

Cardinals at Falcons

The Falcons play a lot better at home, and they’re also one of those teams who could be trying to save their head coach’s job and cool his seat down. Few teams in this league are tremendous underachievers, and the Falcons are one of them. But I think their offense wakes up this week and puts some serious points on the board.

The Cardinals are coming off a pitiful showing last week when they just put 3 points up on the board against a Lions team that is not very good. That doesn’t look all that great going into Atlanta this week; that’s for sure. I just don’t see Josh Rosen and the Cardinals offense keeping up in this one. Falcons win 31-16.

Lions at Bills

The Lions’ offensive line has not performed well at all this year and they’re going up against a defensive line in Buffalo that’s actually pretty solid. As a matter of fact, Buffalo’s defense has been pretty good this year. The Bills allow 290.6 total yards per game – that’s the lowest in the league. The Bills and the Ravens are actually the only two defenses in the NFL this year who allow less than 300 total yards per game.

I think the Buffalo defense is going to cause a lot of issues for Stafford and the Lions offense. Look for Buffalo to nab a couple takeaways in this one. Bills win 21-13.

Packers at Bears

The Packers’ offense came alive last week, and even though the Falcons don’t have a good defense, you have to imagine a big win like that gives Green Bay a lot of momentum. At 5-7-1, the Packers’ chances of getting into the playoffs are slim, but at least…there’s still a chance.

The Bears’ defense has been impressive to say the least, but when Aaron Rodgers has his back against the wall, he can do some amazing things.

The Packers still haven’t won a road game this season (0-6). They’ll get their first one here. Give me the series sweep and the upset against the Bears. Packers win 30-24.

Raiders at Bengals

The Raiders pulled off a shocking (but not really) upset against the Steelers last week. The thing I was most impressed with watching Oakland in that game was their defense. Their defense was ON POINT against Pittsburgh, and if they carry that forward into this game, I don’t think Oakland will have any problems against a Bengals team that probably has an even worse defense this year.

I think the Raiders are playing their best football right now, and I think it shows again in Cincy. I’ll have another upset. Raiders win 30-20.

Cowboys at Colts

The Colts upset the Texans last week 24-21. If the Cowboys were to look in the mirror, they may see a lot of Texans in them.

What I mean is that I think the Texans are pretty similar to the Cowboys (besides obviously the fact they’re both teams from Texas!) They both have quarterbacks who operate similarly (although I give the advantage to Deshaun Watson), they both have great defensive lines, they both run the ball pretty effectively too.

One thing about the Colts I’ve been pretty impressed with is their offensive line. I think the Colts have the right pieces up front to neutralize the blitz and defensive attack that Dallas has on their line. That might be the difference-maker in this one.

I like Dallas’ defense, but I am still not completely sold on their secondary. When you have Andrew Luck, who throws the ball 45+ times in a game, and who has had a great season this year, the secondary for Dallas will really have to be at their best.

This is a good matchup, but I like the slight edge to go to the Colts. I think Indy will do enough to protect their quarterback and allow Luck to make enough plays to pull out a close win. Colts win 24-23.

Dolphins at Vikings

It’s do-or-die for the Vikings this week. It is a must-win game for them if they want to sneak into the playoffs. Luckily for them, the Dolphins are terrible on the road this year (1-5), and they may have exhausted a lot of their energy and play against the Patriots last week. Give me the Vikings to rebound and stay alive in the playoff hunt. Vikings win 24-20.

Titans at Giants

The Titans are another team who hasn’t played well on the road this year, but strangely the Giants have not played well at their own place. They’ve actually been better on the road.

The Giants demolished the Redskins last week, but the Redskins are also a team who could currently lose to my high school football team.Odell Beckham Jr. will be out again this week, and I think this will be the type of game where the Giants are really going to miss him.

Tennessee knows this is a must-win game to stay in the playoff hunt, and I think their defense will show up more than their offense. That will be enough to pull out a close, low-scoring win. Titans stay alive too. Titans win 21-17.

Redskins at Jaguars

Like I said before, my high school football team could probably take down the Redskins right now. The Jaguars are not a good team, but the Redskins are just on another level of misery right now. Washington has hit rock bottom. The only good news that will come out of Washington this week will be that Alex Smith returns home from the hospital after his surgeries and infection. Jaguars win 20-10.

Buccaneers at Ravens

Ravens suffered a tough overtime loss against the Chiefs last week. This time around, Lamar Jackson will face another pitiful defense, and at 7-6 with the Steelers most likely losing to the Patriots this week, the Ravens know that this is a must-win game for them to stay alive in the playoff hunt. Not only that, but they will also take the AFC North division lead.

Ravens will come prepared, and the Buccaneers just look completely lost right now. Ravens win 27-16.

Late Game Picks!

Ok, so normally I give you my late Sunday and Monday Night Picks in a separate article, but because I am on the road, I will just give them to you here. Ok, here we go!:

Seahawks destroy the 49ers 42-20.

Patriots rebound and annihilate the Steelers 45-17.

Rams rebound and take down the Eagles 28-21.

Saints push the Panthers further away from the playoff hunt 35-20.

Enjoy the games!

Matt lives in Newnan, Georgia but was born and raised in Upstate New York. He is a fan of the New York Yankees, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Boston Celtics. At the collegiate level, he is a Notre Dame and Syracuse fan (yeah he can root for both, and what?!) He must, however, find a soccer team to root for. So him out there. All suggestions are welcome. You can catch Matt on the Turf mostly covering NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football and Basketball, and Horse Racing (that is not a typo, he practically grew up on a racetrack). It's nothing's strictly sports.

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