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What Oakland Raiders Fans can be Thankful for

Oakland Raiders fans don’t have much to be thankful for when it comes to their team. Luckily we’re here to point those things out for them.

What Oakland Raiders Fans can be Thankful for

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Man this season has not gone the way that any Raiders fan hoped it would. No one expected the Raiders to make a Super Bowl run, but the expectations were that Gruden would bring the team to a new place. (Well at least that’s partly true, given the team’s impending departure to Las Vegas.) Now, at 2-8, and having traded superstar Amari Cooper away, the Raiders are in the cellar and seem to be playing for a first round draft pick. No matter what Derek Carr says.

But despite it all, there are reasons to be excited if you’re a Raiders fan and we’re here to tell you why you should be #thankful.

Derek. Carr.

I know he’s been down, and that injury last season was truly scary. But this dude can ball. Just a couple years ago he was putting up MVP-potential seasons and looked like the future of football. I think he still can be. Most new quarterbacks who come out of the gate hot have a couple of stall seasons. The great ones figure it out. Carr is going to be great, and he is a fired up competitor. This season might be over for the Raiders but I think next season we’ll see a team coming out to double-digit wins, and that’ll be because of the $25 million/year quarterback under center.

Maurice Hurst

Has anyone been paying attention to this rookie lineman?  Because he’s a top 20 rated defensive lineman as a 5th round draft pick rookie according to ProFootballFocus. How is that not something everyone is talking about? He’s going to be huge for this Raiders team, and as a 5th round draft pick, is a steal. He has the most sacks among rookie DTs (4) and generally speaking is a brick house. Look for him to continue making an impact on this team.

These Wide Receivers

Jordy Nelson. Martavis Bryant. Seth Roberts. Brandon LaFell. The newly promoted Marcell Ateman. This is a damn fine squad of receivers.

We all know Jordy Nelson’s past, receiving slingers from Aaron Rodgers, but look at these other names.

Martavis Bryant was a stud for the Steelers excepting his off-the-field woes that kept him suspended. He seems to have righted the ship this season, even if their record doesn’t reflect that.

Seth Roberts was a fantasy stud for me a couple seasons ago, and is always an interesting sleeper for a breakout game. A fantastic WR3 for the Raiders.

Brandon LaFell has a super bowl ring from the Patriots, and is a big, physical receiver. That’s the kind of receiver that can do damage even in a scrum.

Ateman made his debut the other day and it was one hell of a breakout onto the scene. He played in 96% of the offensive snaps, caught four of his five targets, including a gorgeous 32 yard dime from Carr to keep the final drive alive. He puts up a couple more of these performances and he’ll be a WR1 or 2 in no time.

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