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One More

One More

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How do you hype up a city that’s notoriously over-hyped? How do you
excite a fan base that’s been chomping at the bit for the past 58

You don’t.

You play the game.

You hope you win.

That’s it.

Honestly, I’m bitter and fed up that we haven’t won one yet. This city
is rife with stories about parents and grandparents who’ve passed on
without seeing the Lombardi brought back to Philly and it sickens me.

I believe in this team. This group has faced an imposing adversity,
from a myriad of injuries to major players to backlash from fans, to
criticism from the media. The underdog mindset looks good on this city
and the team reflects it for the first time in a while.

Sure, do this for key missing players this season, Wentz, Peters, Sproles, Hicks, and Maragos. But also for Jerome Brown. Do it for Chuck Bednarik. Maybe even Buddy Ryan. Do it for the ones who could smell the victory but only ever tasted defeat. Do it for the city that fights against all criticism.

An underdog mentality, an incomparable swagger, and a vicious need to feed a starving city are all the intangibles that are playing to the Eagles strength. Get after Brady, lock down the D, run the ball, keep St. Nick free from pressure, make the plays on special teams and it’s ours.

Don’t talk to me about David and Goliath, Eli and Tyree, Vinatieri, or any of it. This team rides apart from it all, and controls its own destiny. Maybe they’ll pull this one out and some unsung hero will be forever enshrined in NFL lore.

There is a possibility that after sixty minutes and one second, and entire city will have an impossible weight lifted from its shoulders. Sisyphus’s Rock could find an eternal resting place. We could be… happy.

I’ve got my voodoo tricks lined up, my rituals all set and I am ready to watch the game with an Amoroso roll, Cheesewhiz, a six-pack of Yuenglings, and a heart beating quicker than ever before. This city is ready. This has been the longest week most of us have had in a while and it’ll all be over at 11pm on Sunday.

One more game. Oh, and one more note:

I love the quote this miraculous team is using.

“We all we got; We all we need.”

They’re all they have, and they’re all we need.

It’s true.

Sixty minutes and one second ’til glory.

Fly Eagles Fly.

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