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Overs and Unders: Your NFL Week 12 Gambling Guide

We’re talking Spreads, Overs, Unders, Locks, and Money lines.

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Overs and Unders: Your NFL Week 12 Gambling Guide

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Gambling has been the greatest thing since sliced bread ever since New Jersey legalized it last year. When figuring our what spreads, overs and unders sometimes you want some input. So why not help out the people out and hand out free picks on who to take in this weeks NFL card?

Panthers (5-5) vs Saints (8-2)

Saints are -9.5 at home in the dome. The total is 46.5.

The Kyle Allen experiment has failed and the Panthers have a real decision to make about Cam Newton at the end of the year. Thank the lord that the Panthers have the only 99 rated running back in this years Madden, Christian Mccaffrey. But, you know what the Saints are really good at? Stopping the run. The 3rd in the league against the run this year. The balls in Allen’s hand and I don’t see it going well.

Take the SAINTS and the UNDER.

Broncos (3-7) vs Bills (7-3)

Bills are -3.5 at home. The total is set at 37.5

Although the Bills have played 1 team above .500 this season, they look GOOD! The Broncos on the other hand are a mess. It’s hard to trust a team after blowing a 20 point lead the week before.

This is a very low point total, which makes it hard not to take the over even when 75% of the public is taking it. Usually, when I see the public going over 70% one way I bet the other way, but not this time.

Take the BILLS and the OVER.

Lions (3-6-1) vs Redskins (1-9)

Redskins are +3.5 at home. The total is set at 40.5.

Matt Stafford is out again with a back injury. Any one else feel like the R words might actually pull off a win? No, just me? Ok.

I drafted Derrius Guice to my fantasy team thinking he might be a breakout candidate this year. Last week he looked like he could be that with more work. Also, another start for Dwayne Haskins is only a good thing. He looked better against the Jets last week with a full week of reps that he did against the miserable Giants.

I’m not going to tell you to sprinkle the Money Line (+156) here, but don’t be shocked when they win.

Take the REDSKINS and the OVER.

The public is ALL OVER the Lions (81%) and the Under (73%), fade them, get rich.

Dolphins (2-8) vs Browns (4-6)

The Browns are -10.5. The total is 45.5.

This game isn’t appealing in anyway. Are the Dolphins decent? How did Brian Flores not lose the locker room? Are the Browns what we thought they were going to be at the start of the season? What do the Browns look like without Myles Garret? Why does Freddy Kitchens hate Odell?

Too many questions to not be answered. Honestly, my best advice is just to take the points and make sure you’re watching a different game.

Depending on how Freddy Kitchens is feeling on Sunday you might not even see this game on RedZone.

Take the DOLPHINS and the UNDER.

Giants (2-8) vs Bears (4-6)

Bears are -6 and the total is set at 39.5.

Don’t bet the Giants. I’m a huge Giants fan and even though both teams are 3-7 against the spread the Giants will lose by a touchdown.

Even if Mitch TruBUSTky sucks, their defense is going to give the Giants offense fits. Saquon still doesn’t look like himself since his injury, this could he a confidence thing since he came back so early. Daniel Jones is going to have a touch time avoiding Khalil Mack and passing on this defense.

Meanwhile, the Giants defense is straight trash. If Mitch can’t work some magic against this defense, I don’t know what the Bears will do for the rest of the season.

Take the BEARS and the UNDER.

Raiders (6-4) vs Jets (3-7)

The Jets are +3 and the total is set at 46.5.

I hate Adam Gase and I love John Gruden. I love Sam Darnold and I don’t believe in Derek Carr.

Sam told me the Jets are going to run the table. The Jets are in the middle of of a stretch of 6 winnable games, already taking 2 of the previous 3. I do think that the Jets are going to keep this game close. Every game is a must win game for Adam Gase, the fan base wants his head.

This has two offensive minded coaches whose teams don’t score that many points. The Raiders score 22.5 points per game, while the Jets are only 16.5. Granted, Sam had mono for a few games, but still.

Take the JETS and the UNDER.

Steelers (5-5) vs Bengals (0-10)

Bengals are +6.5 and the total is set at 47.5.

I’m fully convinced that the Bengals are going to go 0-16. They won’t beat the Dolphins week 16. This team is so bad and are 4-6 against the spread, while the Steelers are 6-4.

The Under is an absolute lock for this game even if over 80% of people are taking it. Who is going to score? The Bengals suck and the Steelers are riddled with injuries and now suspensions.

This is also one of those games where you bet it and make sure you are watching another game. Unless you’re a fan of these teams, don’t do it.

Take the STEELERS and the UNDER.

Seahawks (8-2) vs Eagles (5-5)

Eagles are -1.5 and the Total is 47.5.

I’m riding with the MVP candidate Russell Wilson here. The Eagles offense is a mess. Carson Wentz doesn’t trust his receivers to catch the ball and everything else has fallen off because of that.


The pick here is the Seahawks and the Money Line (-102)

This may be a shoot out if Philly gets this stuff together. Both teams average close to 25 points a game, making this over in play.

Take the SEAHAWKS and the OVER.

Buccaneers (3-7) vs Falcons (3-7)

Falcons are -3.5 and the total is set at 52.5.

All I can see is points, points, and Jameis interceptions. Bruce Arians is just letting Jameis throw the ball wherever his eyes happen to land. His team can easily put up points this season, but wins are hard to come by.

As for the Falcons, ever win is a must win game for Dan Quinn down the stretch. He has seemed to hang on to his job for now.

I have to ride with the Falcons at home in this divisional matchup.

Take the FALCONS and the OVER.

Jaguars (4-6) vs Titans (5-5)

Titans are -3.5 and the total is 41.5.

If we can talk honestly for a second, my pick for this is solely based on me hating Nick Foles and Ryan Tannehill apparently being a new man. The Titans also got crushed 20-7 when these two teams played earlier this season, I don’t think they will let that happen again.

As for the total, I don’t see these teams as real offensive teams, especially since the Minshew Magic is gone. I see this under as a lock for the week people!

Take the TITANS and the UNDER

Cowboys (6-4) vs Patriots (9-1)

Patriots are -5.5 and the total is 44.5.

Rule of thumb, you don’t make money betting against the Patriots. Especially when they are playing a Jason Garret squad at home. The Pats are 7-3 against the spread this season, that should be enough to tell you to just take them and forget about it.

How do we judge the total for this? The Patriots defense is an all time great unit, while on the other side Dak is having an amazing year and has threats all around him. I can only see the fact that the Patriots have given up ONE touchdown to a wide receiver this season. Tough matchup for the Cowboys.

Take the PATRIOTS and the UNDER.

Packers (8-2) vs 49ers (9-1)

The 49ers are -3 and the total is 47.5.

What a game to end a Sunday! Is this a possible NFC championship preview? Maybe!

Oh do I want to take the Packers here. Aaron Rodgers in primetime vs that great defensive unit on the 49ers. You can’t stop Rodgers, you can only slow him down in my mind. Pressure is on both of these teams to win to stay ahead in their divisions.

The Packers are a great pick here and so is the Over as Jimmy G is gonna play keep up.

Take the PACKERS and the OVER.

Lighting Designer by day, sports fan the rest of the time. New York City is the best city on Earth. Getting mad over the Yankees, Giants, Knicks, and Rangers occupies most of my time. Bowling and Golf are the only sports I can play. Joey Chestnut is America's greatest athlete.

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