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RIP Antonio Brown’s Career

2010-2019> Antonio Brown by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

RIP Antonio Brown’s Career

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Antonio Brown has maneuvered his way off 3 NFL teams in 6 months and into football purgatory. Potentially ending his football career after 10 seasons.

Antonio Brown had worn out his welcome in Pittsburgh after 10 seasons. The team decided it would have rather take a $21+ million dead cap hit than have him on the team. AB was traded to the Oakland Raiders, a team known for taking on problem players to the tune of minimal success. His antics proved too much for even them to handle, and he was released prior to the start of the season. The Patriots picked him up mere hours later, he played one game, then was cut amid multiple sexual assault allegations. 

Antonio Brown’s antics (before the assault allegations) were numerous in just a short time. Included were injuring his feet in a cryotherapy machine, filing two grievances with the NFL over his helmet, which was not sanctioned this year for NFL play, showing up for practice whenever he felt like it, threatening Raiders GM Mike Mayock, taking to Instagram to request his release from Oakland voiding $30 million in guaranteed money. Then getting cut by one team that could turn him around less than two weeks later, the New England Patriots.

XFL bound?

The Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots couldn’t be bothered with the headache Antonio Brown had become. But there is one man who loves big personalities and it just so happens he owns a football league: Vince McMahon. Yes, the wrestling promoter and WWE CEO is starting up the formerly defunct XFL in February 2020. Naturally, the conversation shifted to whether the new league and Brown could be a potential match. The XFL quickly shot that down this week.

If an investigation were to exonerate Antonio Brown it is possible the XFL might change its tune. If not the only other option for him would be the CFL. Given their problems with the former ‘World Champion of Screwing up Careers’ Johnny Manziel, it would be hard to see them taking a flier the reigning, defending champ, Antonio Brown.

AB may not be able to find a home in the XFL or CFL after wearing out his welcome in the NFL. At age 31 the star receiver has gone from Hall of Fame material to a case study for young NFL hopefuls. Antonio Brown let being Antonio Brown go to his head, and it may have cost him his career. In fact, I’m ready to call it.

Time of death: September 20th, 2019. 4:14 PM

Christian is husband, father and video editor working in New York City. Originally from the Greater Pittsburgh Area he is a life long fan The Steelers, Penguins and Pirates as well as Professional Wrestling.

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