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Sorry Jets Fans, Zach Wilson is Not the Hero in This Movie

The problem for Wilson and Jets fans is he has the typical traits for the BAD GUY in a movie.

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Sorry Jets Fans, Zach Wilson is Not the Hero in This Movie

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Zach Wilson seems to have it all right now. A guaranteed top NFL draft pick. Promising scouting reports. Wealthy family. Good looks.

These things all sound great and might even seem like the traits of someone lucky enough to be in a movie.

But here’s the problem for Wilson and Jets fans; these are also typical traits for the BAD GUY in a movie.

If you add in that Wilson is being drafted to replace incumbent starter Sam Darnold (now the underdog in the story), then it continues to tell a tale where Wilson is unlikely the guy the audience is rooting for.

To further prove this point, here are three quarterback “villains” who share at least some similarities with Wilson.

Bo Callahan from “Draft Day”

“Draft Day” is FAR from a perfect movie. Many of the trades in the film barely make sense or have an ounce of realism.

And yet, it still gave us the gift of Bo Callahan’s birthday party. A party that was famously UN-attended by all of his teammates.

Is not being named a captain by your teammates the same as them all skipping a celebration of your birth? No.

But it’s closer than Wilson, and Jets fans, might want to admit.

Also, again Wilson is being brought in to replace Darnold, like how the Browns’ potential selection of Callahan would result in replacing Brian Drew. The “happy ending” of the movie is GM Sonny Weaver, Jr. recognizes Drew offers as much, if not more, than Callahan would at the QB spot and selects a LB #1 instead (#vontaemacknomatterwhat).

Sound familiar?

JD McCoy from “Friday Night Lights”

JD McCoy joined the show in Season 3 as a hot-shot Freshman who pushes QB1 Matt Saracen for the starting job. Mccoy’s father Joe is a very wealthy beer distributor nicknamed “The Stud of Suds”. Joe even hires a QB coach for JD (Wade Aikman, all-time football character name) despite his young age.

Joe also pays for a Smoothie truck to drive onto the field during practice so the players can enjoy a frosty beverage when they’re done. Eric Taylor was NOT happy.

Wilson’s uncle David Neeleman is an airline industry titan and founded JetBlue. His other Uncle, Stephen, founded HealthEquity, and the family owns a 10k-acre resort near Zion National Park.

Maybe Wilson’s family treats his teammates to some frequent flyer miles, healthcare advice or free stays at a deluxe hotel? That’s a lot better than smoothies!

As for Darnold, his grandfather, Dick Hammer, was the Marlboro Man. Unfortunately, that likely won’t get him far with his teammates considering how important taking care of yourself is to athletes these days.

Eddie Martel from “The Replacements”

This one is different where Shane Falco actually replaces Martel as the starting quarterback, but that’s because Martel is part of a player’s strike.

What do Martel and Wilson have in common? Simple, the looks and the flow.

Martel is just oozing bad guy good looks and well-coiffed blonde hair throughout the entire movie. And the audience is rooting for him to receive a punch in the face the whole time (spoiler alert: it happens!).

Look there’s no shame in Martel looking like a Ken doll (Martel/Mattel, get it?), but it also makes it difficult to want to see the guy succeed as you’re watching him.

As for Wilson? You tell me…

And poor Darnold had scouting reports labeling him as having a “bad face” when he was in the draft. It’s just not fair sometimes.

Is Zach Wilson a bad guy because he’s talented, wealthy and good-looking? Absolutely not. But he’s also not the likely choice for the hero in a movie or TV show. Even one telling a tale as improbable as the Jets getting to the Super Bowl.

Terry is from Massachusetts and is a passionate fan of the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins. He also will admit he only pays attention to Syracuse basketball when they're good. If there's a Twitter trade rumor even remotely associated with one of his teams, he's likely fallen for it. Finally, he believes 100% that if the Celtics had beaten the Heat in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals they would have swept the Thunder in the Finals.

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