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Super Bowl LIII’s Best Dressed

We’re seeing a throwback for the first time in Super Bowl history. And it’s glorious.

Los Angeles Rams Robert Woods by Jack Kurzenknabe is in the Public Domain

Super Bowl LIII’s Best Dressed

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While the Rams and Patriots have not yet played Super Bowl LIII, the contest for best dressed has already been decided. Shortly after the blown call and 57 yard missile, the Rams took to twitter to announce what I, and many other people, had been hoping.

Every year, the home team designation of the Super Bowl changes between AFC and NFC. The home team gets to choose which jersey they will wear and then the road team wears the opposite. With this being an odd numbered Super Bowl, the NFC gets to choose.

So the Rams are blessing us all by choosing the best jersey in the NFL and one of the best in Sports period. The weird thing about it is it’s technically a throwback jersey, and not one of LA’s standard threads. But when you start to look at the entire uniform situation for the Rams, it starts to make sense why we’re seeing a throwback for the first time in Super Bowl history.

How We Got Here

You see, the Rams wanted a new jersey for their move to LA, but it turns out that all uniform changes must go through a process of at least two years before being approved for On Field action. Upon realizing this, the Rams decided to make the new look reveal coincide with the opening of their new stadium in 2020. By doing so, their jersey situation was kinda thrown into limbo.

In 2017, they were regularly seen wearing their new White Horned helmets with their old Navy and Gold jerseys and White pants. It kinda looked like they got dressed in the dark. The White horns looked fine with the road whites but stuck out like a sore thumb with the Navy and Gold. But they also unveiled the Royal and Yellow throwbacks to be worn for two games, the max allowed by the NFL at the time. LA fans were not happy. They rightfully loved the throwbacks, and hated the home Navy look. So the Rams went to the NFL and worked something out for this season.

Gone was the home Navy look. The league amended its jersey policy and teams had more options for jerseys. This led to 5 games in the glorious Throwbacks, one game in the solid yellow Color Rush, and two early season home games in White, to force their opponents to wear their darker jerseys in the California sun. Which brings us to Super Bowl LIII.

What It All Means

While no one would argue for seeing the Rams in the Navy jerseys, it is a little surprising that they announced the Throwback look as quickly as they did. You see, when it comes to Super Bowls, white is the lucky color.

Of the last 52 Super Bowls, 33 of them were won by the team in White. That’s roughly 2/3. It’s why the Patriots chose to wear their road whites as the home team last year, though that ended up being one of the 19 times the team in the colored jersey actually won. So the decision caught some by surprise. It even threw Nike and Fanatics off guard, because they’re offering jerseys with the Super Bowl patch in the White and Navy variants, but not the Royal (unless you’re a youth).

Can the Rams make it 20 losses for the teams in white? And can they be the first to win wearing a throwback look? We’ll find out Sunday.

Andrew Mark Wilhelm is a professional Sound Engineer/Designer, and amateur photographer, writer, musician who recently relocated from California to Rochester, NY. Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit has made Andrew an avid fan of all things Detroit but nothing more so than his beloved Detroit Tigers. Every year he tells himself he won't drink the Lions Kool-Aid, and every year winds up heartbroken come January. A Spartan by heart, and a Golden Grizzly by degree, you can catch his (almost) weekly Hot Takes every Hump Day here at The Turf.

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