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The Rams are Panicking and They Have Been for Weeks

Yesterday was a big day for the Los Angeles Rams. A BIG DAY.

The Rams are Panicking and They Have Been for Weeks

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This week has been a big deal for the Los Angeles Rams.

It all started on October 15th, at 1:38 PM PST when the following happened:

Twitter and media outlets were buzzing with potential trades in response to this:

And then the BIG news broke:

In the course of a few hours the Los Angeles Rams traded away their best cornerback, Marcus Peters (Who has been awful), their other starter, Aqib Talib went to the IR and then they just made a huge splash by trading for Jalen Ramsey, a top 3 cornerback.

This sounds good on paper, but it really isn’t.

They received amazing cornerback in Jalen Ramsey. He should bring an immediate impact to a struggling defense that was lit up for 55 points against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A lot of drama comes with Ramsey:

Aside from the drama, the Rams issues run deep.


Up to this point in the season the 2019 LA Rams are 3-3. They’ve been manhandled by the division-leading 49ers 20-7, they also lost earlier this season to 2nd place Seattle 30-28, and are now three games behind first place.

The entire team deserves the early blame, although the main brunt of it belongs to Head Coach Sean McVay, Quarterback Jared Goff and Running Back Todd Gurley.

Coach Sean McVay is in his third year in the league. The hotshot head coach was flying high his first two years and led his team to two division titles and a Super Bowl loss. It appears now that the league has caught up to McVay. The truth is that McVay may have too much on his shoulders. NFL analyst Brett Kolman went to the Rams vs. Bucs game and came away with a few impressions:

It seems their quarterback cannot read a defense. Since their game against the Kansas City Chiefs last season, Jared Goff is 318-532 (59.7 completion %), 3,580 passing yards, 6.7 yards per attempt with 14 TD’s and 15 INT’s.

This is for a quarterback who recently signed an extension last offseason for 4 years and 134 million dollars. This quarterback is playing more like a backup than one of the highest-paid starters in football.

The Todd Gurley fiasco has made matters even worse. Gurley had been injury prone in college, but it escalated in December of last year when he suffered an unspecified left knee injury. The issue was called “inflammation” and “soreness”. This led to him being out for the final two games of the regular season and having minimal impact (outside of the Cowboys game) in the playoffs.

There was chatter all offseason about the possibility of Arthritis in his knee. This was further amplified when they drafted Darrell Henderson in the 3rd round of the 2019 NFL draft.

Gurley only has 270 yards on the season and is nowhere near the dominant back he once was. (Sorry Fantasy owners)

By the way, there’s something known as the superbowl curse (That’s for another article).



On paper, this looks like an amazing “win now” move.

But how are you supposed to win now with all the issues I listed above?

And what happens if they flop?

NFL Franchises need draft picks. Period. This is how you build a franchise. Los Angeles needs these picks especially after paying so much money to their franchise quarterback. It hurts even more when you realize that the Rams paid more in terms of draft capital to the Jaguars than the Bears did when trading for Khalil Mack.

Back to Jalen Ramsey… How can you trust him? How can you for sure say that he won’t demand the same thing if the Rams aren’t playing well and he’s not getting paid?

He’s an unrestricted free agent after the 2021 Season.

Who’s to say they didn’t trade two first-round picks for nothing?

If not? They’ll just be another super bowl loser who bombed the next season.


All in all, we will know soon. We are already at Week 7 and the NFC playoff picture is starting to mold. The Rams are currently 1.5 games behind the 6th seed and have a semi-easy schedule for the rest of the season. The time has to be now if they are going to make a run at it and maybe, just maybe, Jalen Ramsey shores up one of their biggest weaknesses.

Tim is a grateful believer, husband to Kristin, Father to Isabelle living in Los Angeles as both an actor and Claims adjuster. He was born and grew up eight blocks from Wrigley Field and is a die hard Chicago fan (Especially Bears). He is incredibly grateful to The Turf for giving him a chance to pursue a passion of his.

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