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The Super Bowl Of The Most Likable Quarterbacks

Sunday’s matchup of Matthew Stafford and Joe Burrow makes it hard to root against either of them. One Super Bowl quarterback stands on the verge of stardom and one seeks to finally get the recognition that’s been long deserved. This is the battle of the most likable Super Bowl Quarterbacks

Joe Burrow by Alexander Jonesi is licensed under CC BY SA-2.0

The Super Bowl Of The Most Likable Quarterbacks

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With no Tom Brady, or Cowboys, or Patriots, or any other bevy of relatable names in this year’s Super Bowl, we have had the opportunity to find new and perhaps interesting storylines to follow for Sunday’s big game. One that was offered up in our writers room chat was the battle of the “Most Likable Quarterback’s”. And reader, I jumped at it.

Maybe it was just my enthusiasm to once again write about Matthew Stafford. Or maybe it’s just a fun change of pace given the fact that this was the least predictable SB matchup going into Wild Card weekend. And it’s by far the most enjoyable. No Aaron Rodgers, no potential cringey Jackson Mahomes TikTok’s, and the majority of Tom Brady discourse will be limited to his recent retirement announcement.

When the Rams and the Bengals kickoff at 6:30 Eastern on Sunday night it will be hard to root against either the long suffering Stafford or the exciting newcomer in Burrow. Matthew Stafford will start in the Super Bowl for the first time in his 13 year NFL career. Joe Burrow will be on the opposite sideline in only his 2nd year in the league. So let’s take a look at why we want both of them to win. (If only that were possible…)

Go, Go, Joe Burrow

Only 3 years removed from winning the title at LSU, Joe Burrow seems poised to become one of the standout quarterbacks in the NFL. And it’s not just because of his arm talent or poise in the pocket. He has led the Bengals back to the Super Bowl for the first time in 30 years and he’s doing it in style. In fact, he seems poised to be taking over the title of Ohio’s favorite quarterback. (Sorry Baker Mayfield). As good as Baker is in commercials Joe is showing glimpses of being able to eclipse him not only on the field but on television as well. He has a magnetism that cannot be manufactured.

It’s only fitting really that Burrow should become beloved in Ohio.

Even if he plays in the city there that is essentially Kentucky. I’ve driven I-75 from Detroit to Orlando too many times to know that Cincinnati should qualify as Kentucky more than Ohio. But let’s think about this, he grew up in Southeast Ohio, went to play for arguably the only thing people in that drive through state care about in Columbus at THE Ohio State University, and when that didn’t work out he left for LSU and casually won the Natty and gave us an infamous photo after the fact.

Joe Burrow winning the Super Bowl for an Ohio team in spite of the Buckeyes is everything the Petty (Katie) Pierce lives for. And who can hate someone that re-created that photo after coming back to spoil a second overtime win for the Chiefs in back to back weeks, and then rocking this chain and this quote? You Go Joe Burrow. You got kids a day off from school this Monday for just getting there. Although that could be more for the benefit of their parents than them.

Matthew Nice Stafford

Hey, did you know that Matthew Stafford and Clayton Kershaw went to high school together? Well, Detroit Lions fans have for about the last 13 years. And soon everyone else will if they didn’t already. Because I’m sure it will be one of the major talking points of this weekend.

The other major talking point will likely be centered around the ineptitude of the Lions franchise and the fact that these last three wins have been the first in Stafford’s NFL playoff career, despite appearing in three with the Lions. But don’t be fooled. Lions fans (well at least most of us) are actively cheering for Stafford to win this weekend. Personally speaking I’ve been wearing my Stafford jersey for every game so far and it’s been good luck so there’s no reason to stop now.

Outside of Detroit few people took notice of Stafford’s late game drives.

And few took notice of an ability to side arm that was only really appreciated after Patrick Mahomes started doing the same thing years after he started it. It would be hard to root against someone who, despite having Calvin Johnson as a top target for years, is now finally seeing success in the playoffs. One could argue though that it’s been a positive for both sides. Matthew finally gets his recognition. And, thanks to that trade and the new regime in Detroit, one that has our coaches being interviewed across the league for other positions. That both are on the path to success. It’s only a bit of a running joke that the Detroit Rams will be trending on Sunday.

There really can be no losers on Sunday. Either we usher in the Joe Burrow era in full force or we see someone like Stafford get the opportunity he’s long deserved. All over the Great Lakes there will be celebrations this Sunday.

An actor by degree, sports lover by day, and a bartender by night. As a native of suburban Detroit it took moving to NYC for Katie to fully realize her love of all things Michigan and Detroit sports. Feel free to engage her in her love of the coolest city and prettiest state in the country and why she will always root for Ohio State to lose every sporting event ever. No, really I am dead serious about that last statement.

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