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The Turf’s College Football Top 25: Take 2

The Turf’s College Football Top 25 power rankings. Excluding Big Ten and Pac-12. You must perform to be ranked in The Turf’s poll.

Clemson Cheerleaders by Hector Alejandro is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Turf’s College Football Top 25: Take 2

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This is the Turf’s take on college football power rankings, and it is going to be a bit different for at least a couple weeks. We are going to differ from rankings like the AP and Coaches Polls, that are allowing votes for Big Ten and Pac-12 schools that will not play a game for a while. We will only rank teams that play because if COVID-19 ends football this year, we would like to honor the players and staff that did give the most effort in these questionable times.

Week 5 of college football exposed many programs and it’s going to make it difficult to rank them, especially with the aforementioned conferences still in a purgatory state. I had some highlight games from last week, including the self proclaimed best team in Florida, losing at home to Tulsa. I’ll just go ahead and let you know, the Golden Knights fell clean out of my rankings. Top 10 to unranked, hate to see it. The Texas Longhorns were also stunned at home as they lost to TCU, the Horned Frogs have won 7 of the last 9 meetings.

The Rankings

  1. Clemson University Tigers 3-0, Did they lose? Oh, they didn’t? It’s above me.
  2. University of Alabama Crimson Tide 2-0, Who? Mac Jones. Alabama is playing at a very high level already.
  3. University Of Georgia Bulldogs 2-0 (Pre.#6), After a dismaying victory over Arkansas, Georgia impressed me in its commanding victory over Auburn. Defense puts them above the Gators.
  4. University of Florida Gators 2-0 (Pre.#3), Impressive showing on offense yet again. Concerning defense for a potential playoff team.
  5. Notre Dame 2-0 (Pre.#4), Bye week caused them to drop the number 1 spot but they could make big strides as the are 20-pt favorites to FSU.
  6. University of Miami 3-0 (Pre.#5), Also dropped because of a bye week but they have the biggest challenge this week: Clemson.
  7. University of North Carolina Tarheels 2-0 (Pre.#14), Did I say Butch Davis coached team last week? They showed me what a Mac Brown coached team is all about.
  8. Oklahoma State University Cowboys 3-0 (Pre. #13), Big 12 is wide open and the Cowboys may be in the driver seat.
  9. University of Cincinnati Bearcats 3-0 (Pre. #10), Just keep winning, just keep winning… by at least two scores each game.
  10. University of Tennessee Volunteers 2-0 (Pre. #18), While the Vols boast the longest active winning streak in the SEC, it is hella misleading. The Streak consists of the bottom SEC teams (multiple times), UAB and the University of Indiana. Astonishing. *sarcasm*
  11. BYU Cougars 3-0 (Pre. #16), I see you, Cougs.
  12. University Of Virginia Tech Hookies 2-0 (Pre. #17), The Hookies beat Duke and NC State. But let’s see what they can do against UNC.
  13. LSU Tigers 1-1 (Pre. #19), Bounce back win for the reigning National Champs. My first team with a loss to make an appearance in my rankings.
  14. SMU Mustangs 4-0 (Pre. NR), 4-0 gets you somewhere in these polls.
  15. Auburn University Tigers 1-1 (Pre. #7), That was an unruly loss to UGA, from start to finish. Auburn needs to hone it in, otherwise they could continue to fall.
  16. Louisiana Rajun Cajuns 3-0 (Pre. #22), Movin’ on up!
  17. Iowa State Cyclones 2-1 (Pre. NR), With quality wins in the Pac-12 over TCU and Oklahoma, the early loss to the Rajun Cajuns of Louisiana doesn’t look like a season ender anymore.
  18. TCU Horned Frogs 1-1 (Pre. NR), A win over the Longhorns at home helps their rank tremendously and keeps them in the hunt for the Big 12 title.
  19. University of Texas Longhorns 2-1 (Pre. #9), The fumble at the end of the game is what sealed Texas’ fate. However, the lack of defense again was crucial in the outcome.
  20. Texas A&M University Aggies 1-1 (Pre. #21), Looked better in a loss to Alabama than they did in a win against Vanderbilt.
  21. Army Black Knights 3-1 (Pre. #20), The most fundamental team in ‘Merica!
  22. West Virginia University Mountaineers 2-1 (Pre. NR), How long will they last here? The loss to Oklahoma State doesn’t look so bad now.
  23. University Of Pittsburgh Panthers 3-1 (Pre. #12), Took a loss, but there’s a lot of football ahead and some great opportunities.
  24. University of Arkansas Razorbacks 1-1 (Pre. NR), Good win for Felipe Franks in his new home.
  25. University of Tulsa Golden Hurricanes 1-1 (Pre. NR), Best teams in Florida are as follows, UF, UM, Tulsa, UCF.

Key matchups:

Miami at Clemson is the biggest match of the week within the top 10 teams. Huge ACC implications in this game.

Virginia Tech at UNC is also a ranked matchup with ACC implications. Both teams have a lot to prove as many view this conference as Clemson’s to lose.

That concludes this weeks Turf Power Rankings. Give an FSU fan a hug. It’s going to be a long Saturday for them. Check into The Turf next week for another NCAA college football Top 25.

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