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The Turf’s College Football Top 25: Take 6

The Turf’s take 6 on college football rankings. The best from the SEC, ACC, BIG10, PAC12, BIG 12 and more.

Notre Dame BAnd by Ted Moesby is licensed under CC BY SA-3.0

The Turf’s College Football Top 25: Take 6

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Last week gave us some real highlight games with two top 10 matchups featuring Notre Dame vs Clemson and the annual World’s Largest Cocktail Party Georgia vs Florida. Neither game was a disappointment unless you are a Clemson fan who couldn’t help but wonder how important Trevor Lawrence is to this team.

Also, disappointed are the Georgia faithful who may be realizing that their coach is not a big game coach. Also, how has Georgia managed to run off so many QBS?

This week, the matchups are a bit more boring and less impactful. Not to deter you from viewing, but just to let you know The Masters is taking place this week and I’m willing to bet they will dominate the Saturday TV Market. Also, it does not help the number of games postponed or canceled. Four SEC games alone. Even though we are in a slow week I hope you enjoy the rankings! Compare them to the last week’s.

The Rankings

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 6-0 (PR #2)- Next up. Bama is going to send it into cruise control. Should have never gave them the throne.
  2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 7-0 (PR #5)- I was genuinely impressed with this ND team. I have not been perticularly dazzled by the Irish but none the less they rose to the occasion.
  3. Ohio State University Buckeyes 3-0 (PR#3)- Would Georgia have been here if Justin Fields never transferred to OSU?
  4. Clemson University Tigers 7-1 (PR #1)- Sorry guys, I bet they are anticipating revenge.
  5. University of Florida Gators 4-1 (PR #8)- Impressive top 5 win against Georgia. Kyle Trask set an SEC record and was also about 8 yards away from dethroning Tebow for most passing yards in a game.
  6. Texas A&M University Aggies 4-1 (PR #6)- If they do not slip up, they could be a dangerous option for the playoffs.
  7. University of Cincinnati Bearcats 7-0 (PR #7)- The Bearcats will not go down without a fight.
  8. BYU Cougars 8-0 (PR #9)- Zack Wilson is absolutely playing his way into the 1st round.
  9. University of Miami 6-1 (PR #10)- I’m not going to say the U is back because that would mean this. Consistent winning by this program is a great sign though.
  10. Indiana University 3-0 (PR #17)- Won in Penn State, New Jersey(Rutgers) and Michigan. Call them the fighting Joe Bidens
  11. Oklahoma State University 5-1 (PR #12)- Despite a loss to Oklahoma
  12. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers 7-0 (PR #11)- The Chanticleers are in a battle for Cinderella with Liberty University.
  13. University of Marshal Thudering Herd 6-0 (PR #13)- At the moment, none of the remaining teams on the Herd’s schedule have a record above .500. Marshal has an opportumity to finsh undef…. I’m not gonna say it.
  14. University of Georgia Bulldogs 4-2 (PR #4)- Kirby Smart is full of excuses this week and Georgia twitter is on his ass.
  15. Liberty University Flames 7-0 (PR #14)- They beat a respectable Virginia Tech team and have NC State on the schedule. Im really looking forward to their matchup with Coastal Carolina at the end of the season.
  16. Army Black Knights 6-1 (PR #15)- Has a chance to be one of the better Army football teams since the legendary Earl ‘Red’ Blaik… Other than the national championships.
  17. Iowa State University Cyclones 5-2 (PR NR)- Much like the rest of the Big 12, I just don’t know about you guys.
  18. University of Oklahoma Sooners 5-2 (PR #16)- Maybe it’s not that the Big 12 is bad, maybe they all are just good…. nah.
  19. University of Texas Longhorns 5-2 (PR # 18)- With Kansas this week, Iowa State the next and Kansas State as the final game, look for the Longhorns to finish the season strong.
  20. Southern Methodist University 7-1 (PR #19)- With a stable of runningbacks lead by Ulysses Bentley IV, the Mustangs are a deadly team.
  21. University of Louisiana Rajun Cajun’s 6-1 (PR NR)- Not even the best team in the Conference.
  22. Appalachian State University 5-1 (PR NR)- I don’t care what you say, the Sunbelt Conference may be the toughest in football.
  23. University of Central Florida Golden Knights 4-2 (PR NR)- How did you get here? 2020
  24. Auburn University 4-2 (PR #24)- Most likely to be most disappointing.
  25. Northwestern University Wildcats 3-0 (PR NR)- Battle for early lead in the Big 10 West division as the Wildcats matchup with 2-0 Purdue boilermakers.

Key Matchups

University Arkansas Razorbacks 3-3 vs UniversityFlorida Gators 4-1, This is a game of the week because… well it’s kind of a boring week for college football. None the less, this game does offer a story line. Former Florida QB Feleipe Franks is returning to the swamp in hopes to upset the team he once started for a little over a year ago. A groosome injury to Franks ushered in the Kyle Trask era. While Franks is playing really well this season, most Gators will point to the day Trask took over as one of the more important days in UF history. Dan Mullen is not shy to give Feleipe credit to the new Gator standard.

University of Miami Hurricanes 6-1 vs Virginia Tech 4-3, Miami is not quite back yet but with a win against Va Tech and a strong finish to the season will definitely put them in a New Years 6 bowl game. Viginia is hoping to reclaim its season with a righteous victory over the Hurricanes.

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