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The Turf’s College Football Top 25

The Turf’s College Football Top 25 power rankings. Excluding Big Ten and Pac-12. You must perform to be ranked in The Turf’s poll.

BCS: Alabama vs Notre Dame by Matt McGee is licensed under CC BY ND-2.0

The Turf’s College Football Top 25

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This is the Turf’s take on college football power rankings, and it is going to be a bit different for at least a couple weeks. We are going to differ from rankings like the AP and Coaches rankings, that are allowing votes for Big Ten and Pac-12 schools that will not play a game for a while. I will only rank teams that play because if covid ends the football season, I want the schools and players who made the decision to play to at least be represented.

But I digress… Now that SEC has played its first week we can really take a shot at these rankings…

The Rankings

  1. Clemson Tigers 2-0, Still the champs until someone can prove them wrong.
  2. Alabama Crimson Tide 1-0, Is Mac Jones the answer? Can they keep up with Mississippi State later in the season?
  3. Florida Gators 1-0, What a show Kyle Trask to Kyle Pitts, this is gonna be a theme this season.
  4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2-0, Two top 5 teams is exactly what the ACC had in mind when they added teams in 2004/2005… Only they envisioned Florida State here.
  5. Miami Hurricanes 3-0, Dominant and embarrassing 52-10 victory over long time rival and sad Florida State Seminoles.
  6. Georgia Bulldogs 1-0, They looked very, very below average in the first half against Arkansas. Lucky for them Stetson Bennett stepped in and saved the day. Not sure if he is the guy, but Georgia needs to figure that out quickly.
  7. Auburn Tigers 1-0, Tough win over a gritty Kentucky Wildcats team.
  8. U. Central Florida Golden Knights 2-0, Here goes UCF again poppin’ off at the mouth. The hubris with this program is outrageous. Their constant declarations only point out who they really are. Which is not the dominant program in Florida. They are impressive but stop crowning yourself after beating East Carolina.
  9. Texas Longhorns 2-0, Can score but will need to get their defense in line if they want to help Sam Ehlinger be great and a chance to make the playoffs.
  10. Cincinnati Bearcats 2-0, Beat a strong defensive Army Black Knights team
  11. Mississippi State Bulldogs 1-0, Mike Leach brings some fun to the SEC, a conference typically known for its defense.
  12. Pittsburgh Panthers 3-0, 3-0 gets you something in this poll.
  13. Oklahoma State Cowboys 3-0, Chubba Hubbard is a sleeping giant, but don’t sleep too long young man.
  14. U. North Carolina Tarheels 1-0, Beat up on Syracuse. I like a Butch Davis Coached team.
  15. Oklahoma Sooners 1-1, You could have been a contender. What happened to the Sooners, who blew a huge lead?
  16. BYU Cougars 2-0, I see you Cougs.
  17. Virginia Tech Hookies 1-0, Beat up on NC State 45-24. Duke is up next.
  18. Tennessee Volunteers 1-0, I’ll pick the volunteers to be good the season after they are good.
  19. LSU Tigers 0-1, Doormat for “Air Raid” offense into the SEC.
  20. Army Black Knights 2-1, This defense flies around and hits. A few playmakers on this defense could play on Sundays.
  21. Texas A&M 1-0, You beat Vanderbilt by 5 points. What? You want a cookie or something?
  22. Louisiana Rajun Cajuns 3-0, I told you, 3-0 gets you something in this poll.
  23. Kentucky Wildcats 0-1, Better than they look but they have to learn how to close.
  24. Marshall Thundering Heard 2-0, Respectful win against an App State team who started the season with a tough schedule.
  25. Kansas State 1-1, What a come back. Ruining seasons in Week 2 of Big-12 football. I love it!

That concludes this weeks Turf Power Rankings. Shout out to FSU who will not be on these rankings for years… probably. Check into The Turf next week for another NCAA college football Top 25.

Baltimore made me. Duval raised me. New York saved me. I'm a Jags fan for life and don't ever disrespect it. I'm Duval Til' We Die #DTWD. Florida Gators over everybody. Dodgers to win it all. Since moving to NYC I have become a Brooklyn Nets fan and am still trying to pick a hockey team. Those are my main rooting interest. I'm the head NFL Writer for the Turf. You can also catch me on Amplified Network where I co-host a podcast called "60 minute suspension" highlighting all off field activity covering all sports. I'm also a very big hip hop fan. You may find some rhymes from my favorite songs in my writing.

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