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The Window is Open: Time to Franchise Tag

The Franchise tag window is open. No player has been tagged yet, but here are some candidates who could hear their name called.

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The Window is Open: Time to Franchise Tag

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Once again we have entered the portion of the year that leads up to free agency – Franchise tag season. It’s kind of strange that we haven’t seen anyone tagged yet at this point. Even though it is not uncommon that a team wait until later in the window to apply the tag, this year’s group includes some high profile names. So you would expect some urgency. For instance, last year the Broncos were the first to tag a player on March 5th, despite the window opening on February 23rd. However, this year we have some high profile players who you may not want to let get close to free agency.

If you don’t know what the franchise tag is, let me put it in layman’s terms. It is a team option to extend a player for one more year. The team will pay the player guaranteed money. That money is determined by the average of the 2022 top 5 contracts at the position. Essentially, the player gets paid like a top 5 player for a year. Players hate this because if they injure themselves while being on the tag it drastically impacts the next contract, and those contracts are usually what makes your career. Below are 2022 tag numbers.

Pos.Franchise tagTransition tag

Jessie Bates, S, Cincinnati

Jessie Bates will get tagged by the Bengals. They’ll do it only to protect him from being poached by another team. Cincinnati will work on a new deal for the rangy free safety who makes spectacular plays on the ball.

Devante Adams, WR, Green Bay

Talk about protecting someone with the franchise tag. Tagging Devante Adams would also show Aaron Rodgers that the Packers are at least trying to give Rodgers some weapons, and maybe encourage him to stick around. It’s all about Aaron Rodgers.

Orlando Brown Jr., LT, Kansas City

I suspect that the Chiefs want to see more out of Brown. Not that he had a bad season, but keep in mind that he is a transitioning player who has recently made the move from right tackle to left tackle. That’s a big difference. And I can see KC using the Franchise Tag as a ‘prove it’ deal for Orlando Brown.

Tyrann Mathieu, S, Kansas City

The downfall of being a good team is having to pay for good players already on your team. KC will have to decide between a left tackle or a game changing safety. It’s extremely hard to decide between the two. Do you want to protect your franchise QB or have a player that can end a game?

Mike Williams, WR. LA Chargers

I’m hearing it’s likely that Mike Williams gets tagged, and for good reason. He seemed like the receiver everyone would go after in free agency because he’s a young, big time yards per catch receiver. And he also attacks the ball in the air, winning 53.3% of his contested catches in 2021.

JC Jackson, CB, New England

JC Jackson will indeed be paid this offseason. It’s most likely to be by the Patriots themselves. The question is will he be tagged or will he be signed to a long term deal?

Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay

Tampa has been very vocal about making Chris Godwin a priority in their off season agenda. Here’s an opportunity to not let other teams make him the same priority. However, fresh off a season-ending injury, will the Bucs want to tag Godwin for the 2nd straight year? Tagging him again will mark up the Tag value 120%, pushing Godwin north of 19 million. That’s some rich cheese, even for a player coming off a stellar season.

Harold Landry, Edge, Tennessee

Pay the man. You signed Bud Dupree only to have Harold Landry be your leading pass rusher. Now you have egg on your face… or is that mayo? Might as well franchise tag that trash pandas you call a mascot.

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