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Thursday Night Football Preview: Cardinals vs. Seahawks

This Thursday Night matchup pits two of the most exciting quarterbacks against each other as Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray face off.

Seattle Seahawks by Luis Antonio Rodriguez is licensed under CC BY SA-2.0

Thursday Night Football Preview: Cardinals vs. Seahawks

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Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks

Normally, I stay away from these Thursday night previews. They are most often the worst game on the NFL slate, but this week we have a contest worth discussing and watching. This matchup pits two of the most exciting quarterbacks against one another. We all know how great Russell Wilson is, despite being the least relatable, possible robot, to play the game since JJ Watt. On the other side of the ball, we have arguably the most exciting young playmaker in the game, Kyler Murray. Both teams come in at 6-3, so this game could have NFC West title implications. Let’s get to it.

Cardinals’ Keys To Victory: Stopping DK Metcalf

Did I say Kyler was the most exciting young player in the game? My fault, I forgot about DK. To call him a man is almost an insult. He has evolved past what man can be. I believe demigod is more appropriate. Before the draft, he was thought to be a workout warrior who wouldn’t translate to the field, but that has clearly been proved nonsensical. I guess elite speed, strength, size, athleticism and coordination sometimes make a good football player. Who knew?

If the Cardinals can limit the big play damage from DK it will give Kyler a chance to carve up this subpar Seahawks defense.

Seattle Seahawks’ Keys To Victory: Make Kyler Beat You With His Arm

Look, this may sound like a knock on Kyler Murray’s throwing ability. It’s not. It is more a comment on Murray’s elite running ability from the quarterback position. He can beat you either way, but if you can contain his big-play ability with the legs you have a much better chance of stopping the pass. Kyler is still young, and though he is wise beyond his years, he is still only in his sophomore season.

If I was going to try to beat him, I would bank on giving him more exotic looks in the secondary and attempting to show him things he has not seen yet. The Seahawks’ defense is not what they have been talent-wise, so calling the game from that side of the ball becomes even more important.

Final Word

I like the Cardinals to take this one. I really think they are the real deal this year. Even if the Seahawks can disguise their coverage or their blitzes enough to confuse Murray, I believe in his ability to adjust and just flat out make more plays than the other guy. Seattle is giving 3 points here, and I’m all in on the Cardinals. Money line me please and hammer the over – not because it’s the right move, but what kind of loser roots against the points?

P.S. – You didn’t think I would go this entire piece without referencing this play right?

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