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Thursday Night Preview: An NFC Least Battle Between The Giants and Eagles

The Eagles and Giants are both bad. But that shouldn’t stop this NFC East rivalry from being entertaining.

- New York Giants Mike Harris - Philadelphia Eagles Brent Celek by Jack Kurzenknabe is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Thursday Night Preview: An NFC Least Battle Between The Giants and Eagles

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Welcome to another year of bad football in the NFC East. This wonderful Thursday Night showcases the miserable rebuilding New York Giants (1-5) and the injured Philadelphia Eagles (1-4-1). No team in this division has a winning record and both these teams are not too far behind the Cowboys (2-4) for first place in this awful division. I guess it’s a good thing that the final Presidential debate is on tonight so fans for these two teams can find misery elsewhere.

The Giants look lost most of the time on offense, while their defense has shown that it could be competent give more time off the field. I understand that this is a brand new coaching staff, but we are now 7 weeks into the season, it’s time to show us if you can handle the job.

The Eagles on on the other hand, seem to be throwing Carson Wentz to the wolves. He has a beat up offensive line and barley any healthy playmakers. He ranks last in the league in QBR, and with the recent injuries to Zach Ertz and Miles Sanders, he is in for a rough night.

Why bother tuning in?

The NFC East still has top tier rivalry games

Yes, all these teams suck, and yes, these are still entertaining divisional games. Unfortunately, everyone has to play a Thursday night game, so even if this ends up being a bad game, at least it’s football.

There is some serious ground that can be covered this week, since the entire division is playing each other this weekend. We have to suffer for another season with people saying that the Giants can still win the NFC East, even though they are a terribly bad offense. I hate when the media does this and it’s just going to happen whether we know how feasible it is or not.

This whole division has a lot of internal stuff going on. Dak’s hurt, Carson Wentz is having a very rough season, Rivera hates Haskins, and Daniel Jones looks like he could be a backup QB. What did we expect with three new head coaches in the division? There is a lot of disfunction and the winner of tonight’s game will, unfortunately, put them close to a playoff push.

Can this Eagles team keep it together with all the injuires?

I don’t know. The Giants are bad, and if they can’t pull through and beat them, it’s bad news. Lane Johnson and DeSean Jackson are set to come back, while Sanders and Ertz are on the way out with injuries. Travis Fulgham has emerged as a viable pass catching option for Wentz and Boston Scott is going to be the primary back tonight. The Eagles have an easy match and and should be able to capitalize and take charge in the NFC East.

Can Daniel Jones and Jason Garrett get this offense going?

The Giants are near the bottom of the league in almost every category offensively. The team needs to start to turn this offense around sooner rather than later.

Sterling Shepard is coming back from IR tonight and should help some. The big problem with the offense is that the offensive line still is suspect and Daniel Jones hasn’t improved on holding on to the ball. These are the major issues that are holding back this team as a whole. Tonight is not really the night where it gets fixed.

Prediction: Eagles 14 – Giants 10

More likely than not, the Eagles are going to with this game. That being said, if the Giants want to have a chance they need to keep their defense off the field, so when they are on they can be effective. The offense also needs to convert drives into Touchdowns and not Field Goals. They came close to beating the Cowboys a couple of weeks ago, but fell short because they settled for field goals.

I believe that this is going to be a tight, mildly entertaining game. Most games between these two teams are entertaining enough, but the Eagles come out on top.

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