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Jalen over AB


Training Camp: Arriving in style

You have more options than just walking through the door.

Jacksonville Jaguars Jalen Ramsey- Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown by Jack Kurzenknabe is licensed under Public Domain

Training Camp: Arriving in style

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As 2019 training camp got underway last week we saw a growing trend begin to emerge as to what will soon become a regular tradition. Training camp arrivals. Players show up to training camp in many different fashions. It has become a bit of a show. Every year the trend becomes more and more of an act or entertainment. I can feel it, soon enough people will ditch arriving to training camp in a hot air balloon for an entrance on a lion or tiger.

It’s a great opportunity for players to interact, show their character, and who they are under the helmet. Some people (fans) take this far too seriously and fail to see the fun and freedom in this. If you were to pay me millions of dollars to play the sport I love, I would show up to work everyday with a different entrance. It would be a daily scene, to say the least. You probably hate to see people enjoying life because, like me, you have to report to a 9-5 every single day, Monday-Friday. I get it, it’s hard to see people living their best life. Smile B*tch.

Now that we are all smiling, let us take a look at this year’s, as well as some of past years’, best training camp entrances. Enjoy!

Jalen Wants the Bag

Jalen Ramsey has expressed the want for a new contract, but was told by the Jags that it won’t be happening this season. The Jags have a lot of people to pay (right now Yannick Ngakoue) and they are telling Jalen to be patient. So instead of being paid by the Jags, Adidas went ahead and sponsored this entrance. Above is Jalen being introduced by his favorite comedian, HaHa Davis, as he enters training camp. Jalen, the city of Jacksonville hopes and prays you pull around with the armored truck again. Next time you leave with the Bag.

Float like a butterfly, sting like AB

Antonio Brown has always been head and shoulders above the competition, but now he leaves everyone on the ground looking up at the sky. AB hopes to create that same type of mysterious, graceful separation on the field. Let’s see if that sting floats over to west coast, other wise AB may be full of hot air.

A couple nobodies do it big in KC

Who said you had to be a household name to make an entrance? At least I wouldn’t tell two Kansas City Chief’s players, Punter Dustin Colquitt and Fullback Anthony Sherman. Not to out do the other, but Colquitt showed up in an Army truck and Sherman showed up in a NASCAR stock car, including a sleeveless KC Jumpsuit and helmet.

Unfortunately, because Dustin Colquitt is a punter, the highlight of his entrance was washed out by other highlights. Maybe next year Dustin.

Runnigbacks and their rides

There’s something about a running back that says fast, twitchy and quick. Also, there’s something about a running back that says smooth, cruise and class. Both were on display by Tarik Cohen and Todd Gurley, respectively. Tarik Cohen pulls up whipping his Slingshot around a roundabout. Gurley calmly exits his Rolls Royce like the millionaire he is, with class.

Previous Training Camp Grand Entrances

Reggie Wayne found a new way to come to camp every year. It didn’t matter if it was a dump truck or an Indy 500 car, you knew Reggie was ready to work. Look here to see more of his entrance antics.

James Harrison once showed up in a smart car because…the environment. Such a kind hearted monster. Seeing this makes me think of one movie in particular. Tommy Boy. His left bicep is almost as big the damn car.

Brett Keisel’s beard should have been drafted by the Vikings, but his heart is Pittsburgh all the way. That’s why when someone told me a player drove a tractor to training camp I knew it had to be a Steelers player.

‘Til next year

We’ll see you all next year when we see this growing tradition really start to blossom. With the characters we have in the NFL today I think this is only going to get more fun!

Baltimore made me. Duval raised me. New York saved me. I'm a Jags fan for life and don't ever disrespect it. I'm Duval Til' We Die #DTWD. Florida Gators over everybody. Dodgers to win it all. Since moving to NYC I have become a Brooklyn Nets fan and am still trying to pick a hockey team. Those are my main rooting interest. I'm the head NFL Writer for the Turf. You can also catch me on Amplified Network where I co-host a podcast called "60 minute suspension" highlighting all off field activity covering all sports. I'm also a very big hip hop fan. You may find some rhymes from my favorite songs in my writing.

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