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Wentz or Foles? That is the Question the Eagles Face

Our Turf Insiders Have The Answers.

Carson Wentz by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Wentz or Foles? That is the Question the Eagles Face

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Have you ever worked somewhere and knew an employee who was very skilled and was just very good at his or her job? Let’s call this person Employee A.

Then there’s Employee B. Have you ever worked with someone who was not all that skilled but skilled enough to succeed in the organization and who was an even better fit?

Employee A has the tools and talent. One day he or she may move rapidly up the food chain to upper management and do extraordinary things for the organization. But Employee A is also the type of person who is all business – keeps his or her head down and does his or her job with no intention of “making friends” at work. Maybe Employee A is the type of person who eats lunch in the office or perhaps even works through lunch. Maybe there are mixed feelings about Employee A from others around the company. Employee A may not get along with everyone, but is damn brilliant. The ceiling is high.

Employee B works hard and does some really good things for the company, but Employee B knows that upper management or executive level may never be in the cards. It’s a pipe dream. The ceiling is not nearly as high for Employee B as it is for Employee A. However, everyone loves Employee B and Employee B gets along with everyone. Employee B is a social butterfly in the office, and while Employee B is not the most talented person, Employee B fits perfectly into the company’s culture.

This is exactly what’s happening with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Carson Wentz is Employee A, and Nick Foles is Employee B. Eagles most likely must move on without one of them. So, which one do they decide to keep? Would the Eagles trade Carson Wentz? Or will they let Nick Foles walk? Fit or talent? I asked some of our fellow Turf writers what their thoughts were on the two Philly quarterbacks.

If You’re the Eagles, Which Quarterback Do You Keep: Carson Wentz or Nick Foles?

Ned Donovan: Carson Wentz

Two exciting months in his [Foles] career don’t overshadow his proven track record for full seasons starting.

Ryan Kelly: Carson Wentz

Even though I kind of think that Foles could do that Eli Manning thing where you get regular season results that can be all over the place, but consistent playoff results. I’d stick with Wentz based on age, if Wentz stays healthy the Eagles have the next guy for an extra few seasons compared to Foles. And anything less than solid QB play sinks a team, and Wentz gives you that for longer.

Tyler Williams: Carson Wentz

Foles has a mutual team option for $20 million in 2019. I don’t see the team paying him that much but they might retain him and then trade him.

Chris Plonka: Carson Wentz

Wentz is fragile but he’s young. He’s got legit talent.

Justin Colombo: Carson Wentz

Foles doesn’t play well with expectations. Carson Wentz hasn’t lived up to his. Give Wentz the shot.

I ended up asking five other people outside the Turf as well, and they all said they would keep Carson Wentz instead of Nick Foles.

So, everyone is in agreement that the Eagles should move on from Nick Foles. I personally am along the lines of what Tyler had mentioned – I just don’t see the Eagles dropping $20 million to keep Foles; especially if Wentz is healthy and ready to start, and I don’t think the Eagles will start Foles over Wentz. Then Philly would be paying $20 million for a backup.

Could Foles Stay in Philly?

It’s really tough to let Foles walk. He led the Eagles through the playoffs and to a Super Bowl win over the Patriots last season, and ended up becoming the Super Bowl MVP. He seems to fit quite well in Doug Pederson’s offense, and he has a 21-11 record as quarterback with the Eagles for his career. But let’s not forget, once upon a time Carson Wentz threw for 33 TDs and 7 INTs for nearly 3,300 yards through 13 games before suffering his ACL injury in 2017. If it wasn’t for his knee injury, Wentz might had been the league MVP that year.

So, if the Eagles let Foles walk into free agency, where will he play next season? I asked my fellow Turf writers on their thoughts of where Foles may end up.

Which Team Will Nick Foles Be Playing For Next Season?

Joe Danbusky: Miami. Maybe Jacksonville.

Ned Donovan: Jacksonville

Joseph Dalfonso: Patriots

Ryan Kelly: Bill Belichick would 100% sign a known Brady-slayer just to not let other teams have him. But I bet it’s the Jags too.

Kevin Michael Morin: The team from Washington. You don’t know how Alex Smith is going to be doing after that injury. They may need insurance.

Andrew Mark Wilhelm: The New York Football Giants.

Chris Plonka: Miami probably.

Here is what I think about Foles. I think there’s about an 80% chance he will be in a different uniform next season, and wherever he goes, he is going to make sure that he will be the starting quarterback.

That’s why I am actually counting out a team like the Giants. Even though a lot of people have been thinking he could go there, the thing is, I just don’t think the Giants are ready to pull the plug on Eli yet. I don’t think they’re willing to go there, even though it’s probably time to move on from Manning, and I think the Giants won’t make a quarterback change until Eli retires. The moment Eli Manning decides to hang ‘em up will be the time the Giants finally make a change.

Joey, sorry buddy but Foles is not going to the Patriots. You were probably joking (I think)…but you did say Patriots!

I honestly think Foles will play for one of these four teams next season: Dolphins, Jaguars, Redskins, or Panthers.

Now before you call me crazy, just hear me out.

I think the Dolphins are definitely a possibility because Lord knows they need a freaking quarterback. It’s time to move on from Ryan Tannehill. Now the Dolphins are projected to get the 13th overall pick, according to ESPN. But what if they aren’t able to take a quarterback at that time? What if Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins are already taken at that point? There are a few teams who pick ahead of Miami who could potentially draft a quarterback, and unless Miami decides to trade up, I could definitely see the Dolphins making a splash (hehe) for Foles.

I also think the Jaguars are a possible landing spot for Foles. Not only do the Jaguars need to move on from Blake Bortles, but Jacksonville also hired former Eagles quarterback coach John DeFilippo. DeFilippo has experience working with Foles, and so I wonder if the hire had anything to do with the possibility of going out and signing Foles in free agency.

Kevin Michael Morin, I think you may be on to something…

I know I said that whatever team Foles goes to, he has got to be the starter. But who said Alex Smith would be coming back from his leg injury? Remember, Joe Theisman never did.

The Redskins also reportedly believe Alex Smith will miss the entire 2019 season. That leaves Washington having to decide between backups Colt McCoy, Josh Johnson, or Mark Sanchez. Johnson and Sanchez are free agents this offseason too, and I don’t think Washington plans on signing either of them. Washington is also in a similar situation the Dolphins are in come draft night. They are projected to pick 15th overall in the draft, but some of the quarterbacks may be taken off the board at that time.

So, could the Redskins make a move for Foles? I don’t see why not.

Then you have my sort of dark horse team in the Panthers. The reason why I think the Panthers could be a potential team for Foles is a very similar reason why he could go to Washington: We don’t know when the starting quarterback will be back from injury.

Now, Cam Newton has a much different injury than Alex Smith – his throwing shoulder. But Newton just received arthroscopic surgery that was very similar to the procedure that Andrew Luck received when he injured his throwing shoulder; and we all know how long it took for Luck to come back healthy and throwing.

Newton could be out the entire 2019 season too.

Panthers Owner, David Tepper, has mentioned before that he would not rule out the possibility that Newton could do what Luck had done last season and sit out the entire year. If that is the case, I would not be surprised if Carolina shocked the league and went out to get Foles as a rental while Newton would be rehabbing his shoulder.

It’s not certain yet whether the Eagles will let Foles walk for sure, but I am with my fellow writers here in agreeing that we will probably see Nick Foles in a different uniform next season.

Matt lives in Newnan, Georgia but was born and raised in Upstate New York. He is a fan of the New York Yankees, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Boston Celtics. At the collegiate level, he is a Notre Dame and Syracuse fan (yeah he can root for both, and what?!) He must, however, find a soccer team to root for. So him out there. All suggestions are welcome. You can catch Matt on the Turf mostly covering NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football and Basketball, and Horse Racing (that is not a typo, he practically grew up on a racetrack). It's nothing's strictly sports.

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