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Gritty Went to Philadelphia Pride so Bigots Can Puck Off

On Sunday June 9th, Philadelphia Pride was blessed with an appearance from everyone’s favorite mascot, Gritty.

NYC Pride Parade by FULBERT is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Gritty Went to Philadelphia Pride so Bigots Can Puck Off

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Lovable orange goofball and anti-fascist and anti-capitalist icon Gritty went to Philly Pride and it was as awesome as you think.

On Sunday, June 9th, Philadelphia Pride was blessed with an appearance from everyone’s favorite mascot, Gritty. The fluffy orange internet sensation made his thoughts on LGBTQ rights abundantly clear by sporting a variant on the classic rainbow flag, which includes stripes to represent people of color within the LGBTQ community.

Gritty has become quite the internet sensation since his arrival on the scene back in September of 2018. Along the way Gritty has made friends with the other Philly-based mascots:

Flyers captain Claude Giroux:

The anti-fascist movement?

And the anti-capitalist movement?

The origins of Gritty being an anti-fascist and anti-capitalist icon are a bit hard to follow but a general starting point is believed to be a tweet from twitter user Jacobin that simply reads “Gritty is a worker” from September of 2018.

From that point on, numerous twitter accounts and memes have been created that position Gritty as a fuzzball for the people, looking to fight fascists and guillotine capitalists. My personal favorite is Fellow Worker Gritty, featured above. For a brief period, there was an attempt to re-purpose Gritty by the alt-right that was swiftly cast aside by this ICONIC meme.

Gritty’s appearance at pride is not a surprising one for fans of the NHL. The NHL has had a very positive recent track record on LGBTQ inclusion, including the fact that every NHL team hosted an official Pride Night during the 2018-19 season. By showing up at Pride Gritty has now become an official LGBTQ icon, making him arguably the queer community’s most beloved public figure. Don’t fact check that, I’m just assuming everyone loves him as much as I do.

If you want a full history of everyone’s favorite fellow worker, Gritty, I would look to Colin Horgan’s piece for the Guardian. For more info about Gritty’s pride appearance, check out Lucy Diavolo’s piece for TeenVogue.

Violet is a scenic designer/professor living in Brooklyn. She grew up in Texas but was embraced by Michigan and now lives in New York City. She primarily loves baseball and hockey and dabbles in football as well. She roots for a lot of teams because she's moved a lot and thinks that liking multiple teams and bandwagoning are good and she will die on that hill. You'll mostly hear her talk about the Phillies, Tigers, E-A-G-L-E-S, Red Wings and Blues(I miss you David Backes). Don't get too attached to those teams though, she is really terrible at committing. Oh, and she's a proud trans woman but don't make a big deal out of it ok?

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