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Breaking Angles

Breaking Angles: Jori Lehterä Under Investigation in Connection with Finnish Cocaine Ring

Jori Lehterä is under investigation in connection with a Finnish Cocaine Ring. The Flyers Center is on the roster bubble and this won’t help.

Modified from Jori Lehtera 2016 by Don Bigileone as licensed under CC BY 2.0

Breaking Angles: Jori Lehterä Under Investigation in Connection with Finnish Cocaine Ring

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Finnish News outlets have reported that 30 year old Jori Lehterä is under investigation by the Finnish authorities. While the Flyers center denies any involvement, a 23 member cocaine ring was busted in Lehterä’s summer home. Details are sketchy, and it’s unclear what brought the ring to Lehterä’s home in the first place. 

Lehterä vehemently denies the allegations. The Flyers put out a statement through GM (and former NHL Goalie) Ron Hextall. 

We have spoken with Jori Lehterä and the league office regarding the reports out of Finland, and will reserve any further comment on the matter at this time.

Lehterä has a contentious veteran status. He was acquired as part of a deal with the St. Louis Blues in 2017. Last season he scored three goals and added an additional five assists to the score sheet. He played in 62 games. He is widely considered to be a bubble roster player, and rumors have linked him to the Phantoms in the AHL for this season. This may be the news that pushes that pendulum over the edge.

He is in the final year of a three year, $14.1M contract he signed with the Blues, and carries a $4.7M cap hit to the Flyers’ roster. 

A bad PR situation for the Flyers

This week was supposed to be one of silly fun for the Flyers. Earlier they unveiled their new mascot, Gritty, a sort of Muppet version of a Little League Dad who brings beers to their kids’ games. 

A Philadelphia Flyers promotional image welcoming

Gritty has generally been met with scorn around the league and fandoms. Despite it all, the Flyers had something fun to talk about. Now they’re on their heels making sure Jori Lehterä isn’t bringing negative press to the team. 

And we thought the most criminal thing the Flyers would be bringing to the league this week is something with these eyeballs.

what did you say excuse me GIF

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