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Breaking Angles: NCAA Announces Punishments for BYU

On Friday, the NCAA announced that BYU will be forced to vacate 47 wins due to infractions from their star guard Nick Emery.

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Breaking Angles: NCAA Announces Punishments for BYU

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In what has been a summer of scandals, the NCAA has laid down its first punishments of the 2018/19 season. On Friday, the NCAA announced that BYU will be forced to vacate 47 wins due to infractions from their star guard Nick Emery. 

The NCAA determined that Emery received more than $12,000 in impermissible benefits from four different boosters. These include, trips to Germany, New York, Texas and California, admission to a private golf course, and a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was also determined that one booster left $200 in Emery’s locker in the BYU locker room. The NCAA also found that Volkswagen Jetta Emery was seen driving around campus was leased to a booster.

Along with the vacation of wins that Emery was involved with, The NCAA (more specifically the NCAA’s committee of infractions) also imposed these other sanctions:

•Two years probation beginning Nov 8 2018 to Nov 8 2020

•A loss of a scholarship

•A $5000 fine

•A dissociation of one of the boosters in the case

•Restrictions on recruiting including limiting official and non official visits, recruiting communications, and recruiting person days

BYU will appeal this decision by the NCAA’s COI, calling the sanctions “extremely harsh.” In there statement about the NCAA’s COI decisions, BYU said “For more than two decades, the NCAA has not required an institution to vacate games in similar cases where the COI found there was no institutional knowledge of or involvement in the violation by either the coaching staff or other university personnel.”

Emery addressed the punishments on his social media account shortly have the news was broken. 

BYU coach Dave Rose also addressed the penalties, saying in a statement, that he was “very disappointed” with the NCAA ruling and supported BYU’s decision to appeal. 

This is the first time in school history that one of their major sports programs was punished by the NCAA.

BYU has started the season 1-1, having lost to 7 Nevada 86-70 and beaten Utah Valley 75-65.

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