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Men’s College Basketball: Tiger Ball – Memphis vs. #22 LSU

Penny Hardaway returns to Memphis in his first year as Head Coach, and the LSU Tigers return to the court after winning their first game in the memory of Wayde Sims.

Shaquille O’Neill by Billy Metcalf is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Men’s College Basketball: Tiger Ball – Memphis vs. #22 LSU

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Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

If you listen closely you can hear the squeaking of fresh new sneakers on a cold hardwood floor. That’s because the 2018-2019 Men’s College Basketball season has begun. Finally, we can watch some basketball after hearing about how corrupt the NCAA is all summer.

Now there are a lot of basketball games played throughout the season. If you’re looking for games to watch, I’ve got you covered. Each week, I’ll pick seven games, one each day, that you should keep an eye on. I’ll give you a reason why and highlight a player or two on each team.

Today’s Game?

Memphis @ 22 LSU

Memphis Tigers

Penny Hardaway begins his first year as coach of Memphis, his Alma Mater. Hardaway brings the most hype around the Tigers since Calipari left a decade ago. Hardaway described his brand of Memphis basketball as a “blur.” He wants it to be fast-paced, disruptive, and chaotic. They were one of the slowest teams last year.

Players to Watch

Look out for Seniors Kyvon Davenport and Jeremiah Martin. Martin is considered the star of the team, having scored 18.9 ppg last year. He’s coming off emergency hernia surgery last year. Davenport recently had 30 points and 10 rebounds in game against Tenn Tech.

LSU Tigers

Will Wade begins his 2nd year coaching the LSU Tigers. There are high expectations surrounding this teams after a 18-15 record last year. Thats’s primarily due to getting the #4 recruiting class this year.

Players To Watch

Sophomore Tremont Waters is considered one of the best point guards in thecountry and a favorite to win SEC player of the year. He has 15 points and 6assists per game to start the season for LSU.

Freshman Naz Reid is the top recruit for LSU and a potential first-round pick in the 2019 draft. He is a versatile player who can play post and play out on the perimeter. He has 23 PPG to start the season.

LSU will be playing with heavy hearts this year after teammate Wayde Sims was fatally shot before the teams first official practice. The team plans to honor him throughout the season.

Final Score: LSU 91, Memphis 83

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