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NFL Week 17 Picks: Are We There Yet?

NFL Week 17 Picks: Are We There Yet?

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Much like my beloved Patriots, Week 16 did not go my way. Going 6-9 (nice) was not the plan by any means, but we can’t dwell on this.

We have two weeks left and I have just enough energy left to finish the season on a positive note.

It’s all optimism in Week 17 here!

Last Week = 6-9

Season-to-Date = 123-99-2

Week 17 of the 2021-22 NFL Season

Atlanta Falcons @ Buffalo Bills (-14.5)

This is prime letdown territory for Buffalo after their big win in New England. I like them to still win the game, but I’ll take the points.

The Pick = Atlanta

New York Giants @ Chicago Bears (-6)

This line just feels too high to me considering how similar these teams are.

The Pick = New York

Kansas City Chiefs @ Cincinnati Bengals (+5)

I know you are never supposed to get too high on a team’s previous week’s performance. But this still feels like too many points for a home dog after the same home team put up 41 points last week.

The Pick = Cincinnati

Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans (-3.5)

Both these teams just keep finding ways to win. I’ll take the extra .5 points.

The Pick = Miami

Las Vegas Raiders @ Indianapolis Colts (-6.5)

I like the points here and I think the Colts have been a little too lucky recently.

The Pick = Las Vegas

Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots (-15)

Good teams are able to beat up on bad teams.

I still believe the Patriots are a good team.

The Pick = New England

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Jets (+13)

Tom Brady is 8-0 vs. the Jets since 2015 with the average margin of victory being 21 points. So even if Bruce Arians misses the game I still like the Bucs.

The Pick = Tampa Bay

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Football Team (+3)

It feels like the season’s end can come quickly enough for WFT. I like Philly taking care of business.

The Pick = Philadelphia

Los Angeles Rams @ Baltimore Ravens (+3.5)

I think Lamar plays and I think this game is way more vital to the Ravens.

The Pick = Baltimore

Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Chargers (-6.5)

If the Chargers are going to save their season it needs to happen this week.

The Pick = Los Angeles

Houston Texans @ San Francisco 49ers (-12)

I still can’t believe the Texans won last week so I’m just going to move forward like they didn’t.

The Pick = San Francisco

Arizona Cardinals @ Dallas Cowboys (-5.5)

Dallas looked too good last week so I’d normally want to go against them here. But Arizona is in TROUBLE.

The Pick = Dallas

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints (-7)

This might be the game of the season that I have cared the least about.

The Pick = Carolina

Detroit Lions @ Seattle Seahawks (-7)

As Katie Pierce said, there’s a lot of optimism around this Lions franchise. There is definitely not that same level of positivity circling the Seahawks right now.

The Pick = Detroit

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers (-6.5)

I will not be giving Aaron Rodgers any additional attention in this column. But as always, he sucks.

The Pick = Minnesota

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers (+3.5)

The big story for Monday night is the Pittsburgh QB likely retiring. However, I am more focused on Baker Mayfield being 2-4 all-time vs. the Steelers and I don’t like him being favored by more than a field goal.

The Pick = Pittsburgh

Ok, let’s have a good week and go into the season finale on a high! Enjoy the games and Happy New Year everyone!

Terry is from Massachusetts and is a passionate fan of the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins. He also will admit he only pays attention to Syracuse basketball when they're good. If there's a Twitter trade rumor even remotely associated with one of his teams, he's likely fallen for it. Finally, he believes 100% that if the Celtics had beaten the Heat in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals they would have swept the Thunder in the Finals.

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