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Manchester City won their first Premier League Title 8 years ago today

City wasn’t always this good.

Aguero - I Was There. by Corey-Adam Crowley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Manchester City won their first Premier League Title 8 years ago today

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City: A brief history

Manchester City is an interesting club. They have spent most of their history on a roller coaster. When the Premier League was founded in 1992, they finished 9th. The bottom fell out in the following years, leading to relegation in 1996. They fell as far as the third division, and that was likely one of the lowest points of the club’s 140 years in existence. Yeah, that’s a long time. They were founded in 1880.

Fast forward to today, and we know City to be one of the top clubs in the world. Currently, they are the only club to reach 100 points in a Premier League campaign. They also are two years out from winning the domestic treble, taking the Premier League, FA Cup, and League (Carabao) Cup. Now known for unprecedented spending in the transfer window, they’ve become a powerhouse not only in England, but across Europe.

They are facing a transfer ban that could see the short term future of the club get very interesting. But that’s a story for another day.

Coming out of their dark period, City climbed the ladder back to the Premier League, got new ownership (not without controversy), and started throwing money at all their problems. It didn’t take long for that to pay off.

They brought in the likes of Vincent Kompany, Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez, Kolo Toure, Robinho, and Joleon Lescott, to name a handful. Their stock rose, and Roberto Mancini started taking them to new heights.

Feel the excitement

I love the Premier League. When a title race goes into the final day, it’s exciting. Championship Sunday gets the blood pumping and can have you on edge for the two hours it take from kickoff to knowing who is going to be crowned champions.

In 2012, City went into the Championship Sunday, at home against Queens Park Rangers, needing a win to secure their first Premier League title. On top of that, QPR was one of five teams fighting to stay afloat and fend off relegation. This game meant a lot to both of them.

The fortress that City built eventually prevailed, but it was a nail-biter right up to the end. I can still hear Martin Tyler yelling Aguerooooooooooo in my head without even watching. If you have the time, check out these extended highlights and head back to when Manchester City finally was able to throw the knockout punch at their cross-city rivals Manchester United.

Kevin is an actor, director, playwright, and musician who works in tech. He is die hard New England sports and an avid Tottenham supporter. His qualifications include scoring 1 point in his elementary school basketball career, 4 years of mixed little league results, and breaking his arm with a skip-it days before pre-season workouts started for Freshman football.

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