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MUST SEE: Minnesota HS Sophomore Pulls a Zlatan to win Soccer State Final


MUST SEE: Minnesota HS Sophomore Pulls a Zlatan to win Soccer State Final

A High School sophomore just pulled a Zlatan to win the Minnesota State final in 2nd overtime. He needs to be on the ESPN Sportscenter Top 10.

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Holy. Crap. I don’t know if you’re reading this article, and you probably shouldn’t be, just keep watching the video above on repeat. That video has got me like this:

Keegan James, Sophomore for the Blake Bears Men’s Soccer Team, has officially outperformed all other high school athletes this week. I played varsity soccer, I was pretty damn good, and I never once came close to something this consequential. Hell I can say that I don’t know I’ve ever done anything worth the kind of celebration I hope James got that day.

For some color, this was an overtime goal. A SECOND overtime goal. This was the start of the second overtime. Blake also decided every single game in their soccer playoff run by one goal, or penalty kicks. The top seeded Minnesota team won their section semi-final match on penalty kicks. I mean how much more dramatic can you get? This is the kind of thing great sports movies are made of. 

Remember when Zlatan did this to score his first MLS goal?

Zlatan is one of the best soccer players in the world, and he caught a goalie off guard in the middle of an active game. James scored this off an Overtime opening set piece. Arguably more impressive. Also arguably more ballsy. I mean who takes that shot? Beckham doesn’t take that shot. Mbappé doesn’t take that shot. Keegan James does. I feel like the video doesn’t do it justice, I mean, imagine being there:

It was very exciting but also stressful. That was the most amazing goal I’ve seen and it was a great experience

– Kyra Reese, Blake Sophomore

I promise I didn’t go looking for high school sophomores to give me the quote, her father, George, is a friend of mine. Also her mother took the featured photo. Since I replaced the featured photo on this article with the video, here’s the photo again, because you should really appreciate how good her work is.

Blake High School Soccer Team Celebrates Win
Photo by Monique Reese

Honestly, if this isn’t part of Sportscenter’s Top 10, then there is no justice. Keegan James deserves it. Share this article, send the video far and wide, let’s send this High School sophomore viral for achieving something cooler than most of us have achieved in our lives. This is a best-of soccer highlight. It’s glorious.

For your viewing pleasure, here it is again.

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