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Premier League Review – Week 1

Premier League Review – Week 1

Premier League Review – Week 1

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Premier League Review – Match Day 1

Welcome to The Turf’s Premier League review. Each week we will take you on quick whip round the happenings of the Premier League. Let’s get started shall we?

Match of the Weekend

Easily Wolves v Everton. Two teams heavily involved in the transfer market rolled out their shiny news squads, and played to a thrilling 2-2 draw. This game had it all. Wolves had a beautiful free kick goal in the 44th minute by Reuben Neves. A straight red card given to Everton’s center back Phil Jagielka. A thrilling late game goal, by Raul Jimenez in the 80th minute to equalize for Wolves. Both teams walked away with a point. These teams are going to be fun to watch this year, and battle each other for a top 6 spot. Also was Richarlison actually worth his 50 million price tag? He bagged both of Everton’s goals.

What we learned

Not a whole heck of a lot. The teams that should have won, won. Manchester City are still REALLY good, you shouldn’t play a high line against Liverpool, and Cardiff are not very good.

There were three things that stuck out the most for me. First, how lifeless West Ham were. They came up against a juggernaut in Liverpool yes, but they looked like they had already resigned themselves to taking the L before the match even started. With all of their signings, they are going to need to show a ton more drive in the coming weeks or things are going to get bad, really quick.

Second, Chelsea looked lively especially for a team whose manager only joined half way through a very short pre-season. Who also lost their goal keeper last week, and had some of their star players like Eden Hazard on the bench. Many predicted a poor season for Chelsea. With performances like they had in week 1, they might prove a lot of people wrong.

Third, Chelsea’s new manager, Maurizio Sarri chews cigarette butts during the match. Presumably because smoking is not allowed on the touchline in the Premier League. Seriously how gross is that? Do they not have Nicorette in England? I have so many questions about this. I’m tuning into Chelsea games in future to just watch in abject horror/disgust.

Clip of the week

It might be the clip of the year! I’ve watched it a hundred times already. It’s the Liverpool double nut shot against West Ham. It’s a perfect clip of hilarity. If you have the sense of humor of a 5 year old like I do then this clip is for you. The added bonus of this sequence is the commentator holding back laughter as he added “The referee has a taken a sympathetic view” when the ref just blew the whistle and stopped play.

Looking ahead to Match Day 2, must watch match

Arsenal v Chelsea. Arsenal got a tough shake of the fixture list. Starting off against City and Chelsea is not an easy task. New manager Unai Emery doesn’t want his squad to start 0-2. For Chelsea and Sarri, if they can get off to a flying 2-0 start this could propel them into the discussion for the Title. It’s a potential top 4 match-up. What more could you ask for? Well other than a piece of Nicorette.

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