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Premier League Review – Week 8: The One Where Mou Saves His Job

Credit: Sky Sports

Premier League Review – Week 8: The One Where Mou Saves His Job

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Week 8 is in the books! Red cards, living to fight another day, and a snooze fest.

CH-CH-CH-Cherry Pie!

A few weeks back I asked so eloquently, “Yoooo are Bournemouth for real” well Eddie Howe’s men must have been reading that, because they straight up stomped a good Watford side, 0-4. The match may have swung when Watford’s Christian Kabasele was shown a red card in the 32nd minute, but good teams put games out of reach when playing against 10 men, and Bournemouth did just that.

Callum Wilson and Joshua King are both clicking along this season, and if you are looking for some solid fantasy production, look no further than either of these studs. The real life question is how far can this dynamic duo take Bournemouth? They sit just two points out of a Champions League spot. I know it’s early but I think there is still room on the Cherries bandwagon, just ask The Turf’s own Captain, Justin Colombo.

I think there might be a few seats left on the Bandwagon
Editor’s Note: I know nothing about the EPL, but I’m learning to love the Cherries. 

In a weekend dominated by “will he or won’t he” José Mourinho, I want to take a moment to tip my cap to Eddie Howe. Howe now 40 years old, started out as one of the youngest premier league managers of all time, and is now the current longest tenured manager in the league. There is something to be said for consistency.

Stay of Execution

Speaking of the “Great One” Mou supposedly saved his job by squeaking past a tepid Newcastle side. A side with no wins this season, with two points in eight games. A team that before yesterday had scored four goals in seven games. And a team I called out the owner in my last review to do everyone a favor and just sell the team. If this win supposedly gave Jose a lifeline… I mean really, how much trouble was he in? United played one of the worst 45 minutes in the first half of any team this season. This entire club, from the ownership down to the players is such a joke. In a way, Mourinho does everyone else in the club a favor by taking the light and pointing it on himself.

United’s second half saved his job and maybe career, I guess. United scored three goals, the entire crowd chanted his name, there was no way Woodward and Co. could fire him, without a fan revolt. Somehow by playing the scapegoat and underachieving with one of the most expensive squads in the world, Jose has masterfully turned the fan base on his side. At least for now. Let’s see how the supporters feel after their match-up against Chelsea on the 20th…

Seeing Red

Who has two red cards and zero goals this season? If your answer was Wes Morgan then you win! Morgan received another red card this weekend, probably costing his side another 3 points. Way to go Wes! With the score tied at one, Wes was sent off for a tackle on Everton’s Richarlison his second yellow card offense. Hey Wes, at least it wasn’t a straight red, right!?

From there Everton pushed on to win 2-1 with Gylfi Sigurdsson scoring the second and winning him my illustrious “Goal of the Week” award! It was a truly beautiful goal, unlike Everton’s kits. Leicester and Everton and are now tied for points at 12, and sit at a comfortable but underwhelming 10th and 11th respectively.

Gylfi earned himself Goal of the Week

Cardiff City Red Birds 

More Red was shown in the EPL this weekend with Cardiff City’s 24 year old Midfielder Joe Ralls seeing straight red for his cynical challenge on Spur’s Lucas. I might be biased here, but to me it was warranting a straight red. Lucas was away, and Ralls straight up karate kicked his legs out at knee height. To me that’s the definition of a straight red card. You know exactly what you are doing, the ball was 15 feet away from him. His only purpose was to kick down Lucas. He deserved what he got.

In all honesty though Cardiff didn’t get what they deserved, which was at least a point from this match. Twice defender Toby Alderweireld cleared the ball off the line to save Tottenham’s day. There is something a little off with Spurs at the moment. Maybe it’s the rash of injuries to their star players, or maybe it’s something more sinister, but they could do with thumping someone to get everything back on track. They play West Ham next, just what the doctor ordered?

Sunday Fun Day?

Sunday was all about the big dogs. Arsenal pumped Fulham 5-1. Is the stink that has been over Arsenal these past few seasons finally wearing off? Has Emery steered this team down a new path? They don’t have Champions League football to worry about this season, so the league is really their main objective. They certainly know how to put the ball in the back of the net, with 19 goals they have the second most goals in the league. The Gunners sit only two points off of first place. To be serious contenders though, Arsenal are going to need to learn how to defend at some point.

Chelsea is another contender that the stink has certainly worn off from last season. They sit second behind Manchester City in the table with only goal difference keeping them from holding the top spot. Chelsea roundly defeated a poor Southampton side 3-0 with goals coming from the usual suspects in Hazard, and Morata. Ross Barkley chipped in a goal as well to put the pressure on Manchester City. Last word about the Blues. What the hell is up with that jersey/sock combination? Light blue tops with bright orange socks? What are you, the Flint Tropics? How long until Jackie Moon is taking your free kicks? Get it together Nike.

The “Match of the Week”

Manchester City squandered two points against Liverpool, thanks to a Riyad Mahrez penalty miss in the 85th minute. The match was so subdued that I stopped watching before the penalty incident even happened. As is standard with a lot of these “BIG” games, they leave you feeling let down, ripped off, and needing a nap. This one ended as the only goal-less draw of the weekend. How two teams with a combined 40 bajillion dollars can’t score one goal is well, not all that fun. As a supporter of one of those teams, I’m sure it was a tense sweaty experience, but as a third party observer like me, it was boring!

The One to Watch Next Match Week

Its bloody International break AGAIN. Sweet. The match to watch next round is Chelsea v United. Chelsea are dangerous, they have found their defensive system, they pump goals in for fun, and they are focused on the league. United are a bi-polar circus. One half the worst you have ever seen, the next the best. It’s hard to tell which United shows up for this encounter, but if I had my money on the table, I’m going to bet the good one. The good one still isn’t good enough, 4-3 to Chelsea.

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