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Premier League: Week 13 – The One Where I’m Thankful

Tottenham has a new favorite Son. Get Ready. It’s Derby Time!

Spurs Ball by Mike’s Photos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Premier League: Week 13 – The One Where I’m Thankful

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This week I’m thankful  to be able to cover this edition of our EPL review for Dave who is on his honeymoon. I’ve known Dave personally for many years, and the happiness he has when around his beautiful new wife is evident every time I see him, even if it’s after a disappointing Spurs loss to a mid-table team. Congrats Dave!

What else am I giving thanks for this week? I’m grateful for this beautiful game, being able to write for a site like The Turf who have some amazing humans writing some beautiful things. I’m thankful for the advancement of the internet that has allowed me to watch games thousands of miles away in HD quality. Gone are the days of dodgy streams from Iraq Goals or, in are the tactical cams, goal zone channels and well…commentary in a language I can understand.

Oh Sonny Boy

I’m thankful that I can watch someone like Heung Min Son play football. The duality of Son is just pure joy to watch. Nothing exemplifies that more than his goal against Chelsea on Saturday. Son tore past Jorginho with murderous easy. Son plays this game with love but deep down is a cold blooded killer, skinning Jorginho, turning David Luis into a curly haired ghost and slotting the ball home. His smile and love for the game vibrates through everything he does. He jumps, pumps his fist as the crowd goes wild, then makes a cute heart on the Spurs badge.

Nice one Sonny, Nice one Son

That’s the sign of an evil genius, to humiliate two professional footballers one minute and the next ear to ear smile, heart shaped hand gestures, and hugs from his teammates. Son loves playing this game. He is the Dexter of football, smiles and hugs on the outside, on the inside a ruthless calculated killer.

Tottenham thoroughly defeated a previously unbeaten Chelsea side three to one. I’m thankful Son wears a Spurs shirt. I’m thankful I get to root for this beautiful footballer week in and week out, rather than having to watch him murder players on my club.

Ok enough gushing about Tottenham, let’s move onto what else I’m giving thanks for in the football world this week. Hmm let’s see…

Dark Clouds

Mourinho sad face. His unimpressed smug face after a disappointing nil-nil United draw to Crystal Palace, is something that never gets old, even if it’s happening more and more these days. United have fallen into what Arsenal are slowly working their way out of. This middling area of mediocre performances against middle of the table teams. Managers and players that obviously don’t work together. Something needs to change that much is obvious. With Arsenal it was Wenger finally stepping aside, I suspect with United, it’s the same solution.

Sour Cherry

Bournemouth seem to be slipping off the pace, with three 2-1 loses in a row to United, Newcastle and now Arsenal. A few different bounces of the ball and the Cherries could be moving in a different direction as we all recover from our Turkey comma. Though that can be said about a lot of things in life.If only this, and if only that. Well here we are Bournemouth slipping down the table, and The Gooners keeping pace with the top 4. I’m not thankful for either of those things, but since it’s EPL review I needed to mention it. I guess.

Siggy Siggy Siggy Can’t you See

Ok back on track of what I’m thankful for. Gylfi “Siggy” Sigurdsson. I write about him in every one of my reviews. Like Son is he a gift to watch. For Everton, for Iceland, previously for Spurs (sad face). His skill on and off the ball, at the run of play, on dead ball situations he has got everything. Whatever Everton paid for him was a steal

*For accuracy sake,Sigurdsson was sold from Swansea to Everton for 45 Million Pounds. In this dayand age, basically a turkey sandwich and pair of used cleats.

Second Yellow

I’m thankful for a referee! Yes is aid it, I’m thankful for the decision that referee Chris Kavanagh made giving a second yellow to Leicester’s James Maddison for pretty blatant dive in the box. Not every ref would hand that card out, but he did and it was the right call. Leicester even with 10 men were still able to scrape out a one all draw against Brighton, thanks to Vardy’s late goal from the spot.

Same As It Ever Was

Liverpool and City both smashed their opponents with ease. I guess I’m thankful I’m not an opposing keeper having to play against these two squads. I don’t know, I’m running out of things to be thankful for. Honestly I was so high on turkey most of the weekend that I didn’t get to watch every game, so that’s all I can come up with at this point.

Derby Time!

Game to look forward to. EASY the North London Derby. Spurs take a trip just a few miles up the road to hated rivals Arsenal. I’m grateful for these types of games. I get those fun nerves the night before the match. I can’t sleep, I have dreams of Harry Kane winners. I’m looking forward to this one. Both teams seem to be on the uptick, as always it should make for a heated tense affair.

COYS! (sorry couldn’t help myself, I’m still flying high on those turkey and stuffing leftovers.)

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