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Breaking Angles: France are World Cup Champions

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Breaking Angles: France are World Cup Champions

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France is your 2018 World Cup Champion

There you have it, just like that the greatest sporting event in the world, the World Cup is over again. Not to return for another four years. (insert sad face emoji here). France is your 2018 World Cup Champion.

France — the best team of this tournament throughout — rightfully won in a scintillating final. There were no last-minute heroics this time for a never say die Croatian side. The better team, a team of youth, and pace, swagger, and organization won the 2018 World Cup, in deserved fashion.

Before Croatia even knew what hit them

Croatia who dictated most of the 1st half saw themselves go into halftime down 2-1. Thanks to an own goal off a set piece, and a penalty kick converted by Antoine Griezmann. Still in the game, though at the start of the second half Croatia never gotten any closer than that. Pogba jump-started the scoring with a beautiful left-footed finish from 18 yards out. 3-1. Then Kylian Mbappe put the nail in the coffin with a wonderful strike from 25 yards out, to make it 4-1. 10 minutes into the second half, and the game was over before Croatia even knew what hit them.

What hit Croatia was France’s superstar core of Griezmann, Pogba, and Mbappe. Methodically absorbing pressure and springing Mbappe on numerous counter attacks. France’s trio of stars shined the brightest tonight in Moscow. As Stuart Holden said after Mbappe’s goal, “know the face, this is your next golden superstar right here”. Mbappe and Co, brought the ruckus tonight and straight up overpowered Croatia. A now forgettable blunder by typically solid French goalkeeper and captain Hugo Lloris gave Croatia a few minutes of energy. Nothing came of it, France rode out the remainder of the second half to win 4-2, and secure their second World Cup trophy.

“Know the face, this is your next golden superstar right here.”

Didier Dechamps becomes only the third man to win a World Cup as a player and manager. (Franz Beckanbauer and Mario Zagallo the other two). An astonishing accomplishment. Mbappe becomes only the second teenager to score in a World Cup Final. (The other someone named Pele).

As the clouds opened up and the rain poured down. France celebrated and soccer fans around the world cast an eye towards 2022 and Qatar. We can only hope that, that World Cup is as good as this one.

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