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The Turf Weighs In

The Turf Weighs In: Simmons for 3, Surprise QBs, and the “Best of the Rest” of NFL Coaches

We’ve asked some of our team members for their takes on 3 questions from the world of sports.

Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons by Keith Allison by CC BY 2.0

The Turf Weighs In: Simmons for 3, Surprise QBs, and the “Best of the Rest” of NFL Coaches

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We’ve asked some of our team members for their takes on a few questions from around the world of sports. Some topical, some random. The Turf weighs in.

Ben Simmons has finally made a 3-pointer in an (albeit preseason) NBA game, after beginning his career 0 for 17. Now that he’s finally gotten over the hump, how many 3’s will Simmons take this coming season? And how many will he make?

Kevin Morin – He’ll attempt 25 and make 4.

Matt Branigan – I’ll say he takes 37 3-pointers and makes 9 of them.

Andrew Mark Wilhelm – Too many. He barely shot mid-range jumpers last year. Textbook running before he can walk.

Justin Colombo – Several, and then less than several.

Ryan Kelly – I’m thinking he is a little more aggressive than he has been in the past from downtown, but not much more successful. 2 for 14.

Andrew O’Neill – I’ll predict he takes 8 and makes 0, and that 5 of the 8 attempts will be half-court heaves at the end of a quarter.

Whether due to injuries or coaching decisions, a lot of backup and rookie QBs have seen action this season in the NFL. Of all of them, which one has impressed you the most?

Kevin MorinKyle Allen.

Matt Branigan – Garnder Minshew. I’ve really been impressed by Minshew’s play but also his composure and ability to move and avoid pressure. He actually has 173 rushing yards on the year as well as a game-winning drive in the books. And how can you say no to that mustache!

Andrew Mark WilhelmTeddy Bridgewater. Anyone who tells you they figured the Saints wouldn’t have lost yet with Teddy under center is lying.

Tyler Williams – The correct answer would be Gardner Minshew. He’s won rookie of the week 4 out of the last 6 weeks. Has that ever been done?

Ryan Kelly – Kyle Allen. I really wanted to go with Teddy on this one, but the overall talent around Bridgewater is much more than what Allen has to work with. I would have never expected Carolina to even be competitive with a rookie QB, let alone win week after week.

Justin Colombo – Not really a surprise, and due to the Andrew Luck retirement, not really a backup, but Jacoby Brissett. Of all the replacement QBs, the only one with a higher QB Rating than Brissett is Kyle Allen. He’s a sleeper, and if Indy can build around him, they’ll be better for it down the road.

Andrew O’Neill – For me, the most impressive backup performance has been Teddy Bridgewater. Brees is so emblematic that I immediately wondered WTF will happen to New Orleans without him? As for my expectations of Bridgewater, rather than say anything disparaging I will just say that I am very, very surprised.

Hate him or love him, Bill Belichick is the best coach in football. But of the other 31, who is the next best head coach in the NFL right now?

Andrew Mark Wilhelm – My instinct is Andy Reid but my eyes so far this season are telling me Kyle Shanahan.

Matt Branigan – Andy Reid.

Kevin Morin – Matt Patricia is doing things this year. I don’t know if he can be second right now, but come the end of the season it’s a real possibility.

Justin Colombo – Kyle Shanahan. Don’t sleep on San Francisco.

Ryan Kelly – I like Andy Reid, but until he can win a title and prove he can get a team over the hump, the answer to me is Sean Payton.

Andrew O’Neill – Second-best coach in the league should be John Harbaugh. Like Belichick, he has won with different players and different coaching staffs, and also like Bill has seen his personality define the Ravens’ culture.

Which team has the best jersey/s in pro sports?

Andrew Mark Wilhelm – Overall as a complete set I would say the Golden State Warriors. Individual is close, but I think I might give it to the Rams’ blue and gold throwbacks just slightly over the Chargers’ powder blues.

Matt Branigan – This is a tough one. I like the Chargers’ powder blues as well. Also when the Bucs occasionally wear those creamsicle colored uniforms from the 80s with the buccaneer holding the knife in his mouth on the helmet, those are FIRE.

Justin Colombo – The Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers uniforms are works of art. You should call the Dodger’s locker room “The Louvre” because of all of the art hung on the walls. With “Dodgers” written across their chest, and the RED numbers, how can you go wrong? Just crisp. Fresh. Simple. Iconic.

Ryan Kelly – The Chargers powder blues might be the best individual jersey, for sure. But the Calgary Flames have the best set of threads we all forget about. Their home reds are unparalleled beauties, and their throwbacks are consistently classy.

Ryan Kelly lives in Cambridge, MA, a stone's throw away from his beloved Boston teams. When he is not working as an editorial assistant, he is providing commentary on the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins for The Turf.

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